How To Uninstall Slacker Radio From Android

Android Apps

Uninstalling an app from your Android device can be a simple task, but it’s not always straightforward. Today, I’ll guide you through the process of uninstalling Slacker Radio from your Android device. As a music enthusiast, I understand the frustration of unwanted apps taking up space, so let’s dive right in.

Step 1: Accessing the App Drawer

First, locate the App Drawer on your Android device. This is typically represented by a grid of squares or dots and can be found on your home screen or in the bottom center of the screen. Tap on it to open the App Drawer.

Step 2: Finding Slacker Radio

Scroll through the list of apps in the App Drawer until you find the Slacker Radio icon. It may be alphabetically organized, or you can use the search bar at the top to quickly locate it. Once you’ve found it, long-press on the icon until a menu appears.

Step 3: Uninstalling Slacker Radio

In the menu that appears, look for the option that says “Uninstall” or has a trash bin icon. Tap on this option to initiate the uninstallation process. You may be prompted with a confirmation message asking if you really want to uninstall the app. Proceed by tapping “OK” or “Uninstall” to confirm.

Step 4: Clearing App Data (Optional)

If you want to completely remove all traces of Slacker Radio from your device, you can also clear its app data. This will delete any saved preferences, account information, and downloaded content. To do this, go to your device’s Settings and find the “Apps” or “Applications” section. Locate and tap on Slacker Radio in the list of installed apps, then select “Storage” or “Storage & cache.” Finally, tap on the “Clear data” option to delete all app data.


Uninstalling Slacker Radio from your Android device is a simple process that can help free up valuable storage space. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily remove the app from your device. Remember, if you ever want to reinstall Slacker Radio in the future, you can download it again from the Google Play Store or your preferred app store.