How To Turn Off Audio In Google Meet In Laptop

Have you ever found yourself in a Google Meet call on your laptop and desired to disable the audio? Perhaps you were in a loud setting or simply preferred to prevent any background noise from being picked up by your microphone. You’re in for a treat! In this article, I will walk you through the process of muting the audio in Google Meet on your laptop.

Step 1: Join the Google Meet Call

First, you’ll need to join the Google Meet call that you want to turn off your audio for. Open your web browser and go to Enter the meeting code or click on the meeting link provided by the meeting organizer.

Step 2: Access the Audio Settings

Once you’re in the Google Meet call, you’ll need to access the audio settings. Look for the toolbar at the bottom of the screen and locate the microphone icon. Click on the microphone icon to open the audio settings menu.

Step 3: Turn Off the Microphone

In the audio settings menu, you’ll see a list of available microphones. To turn off the audio, simply click on the microphone that is currently selected. This will mute your microphone and prevent your audio from being transmitted to the other participants in the call.

Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + D” (Windows) or “Command + D” (Mac) to quickly toggle the microphone on or off.

Step 4: Confirm the Audio is Turned Off

To confirm that your audio is turned off, look for the microphone icon in the toolbar. If the icon is crossed out or grayed out, it means that your audio is muted. You can also check the audio settings menu to see if the microphone is listed as “Disabled”.

Step 5: Adjust the Volume

If you still want to hear the audio from other participants in the Google Meet call, you can adjust the volume using the volume controls on your laptop. These controls are usually located on the side or front of your device. Make sure the volume is set to a comfortable level that allows you to hear others without disturbing your surroundings.

Personal Touch:

I personally find the ability to turn off my audio in Google Meet calls extremely useful. As someone who often works in a noisy environment, being able to mute myself helps to minimize distractions for both myself and others in the call. It also gives me the freedom to participate in meetings without worrying about background noise interfering with the conversation.


Now that you know how to turn off the audio in Google Meet on your laptop, you can make your meetings more focused and productive. Whether you need to eliminate background noise or simply want to listen without being heard, these steps will help you achieve that. Remember to unmute yourself when you want to speak and adjust the volume accordingly. Happy meeting!