How To Turn Off Android Auto

Turning off Android Auto involves a few simple steps that can sometimes be confusing. As an Android enthusiast and a frequent user of Android Auto, I’ve gone through the process multiple times, so I’m here to guide you through it. Let’s dive into the detailed steps for turning off Android Auto.

Gear Icon

To start, when you’re ready to exit Android Auto, tap the gear icon located at the bottom right corner of the screen. This will open up the settings menu, which is where you’ll find the option to turn off the app.

Android Auto App

Next, navigate to the Android Auto app on your phone. Once you’ve found the app, tap on it to open the settings and options for Android Auto.

Exit Option

Within the Android Auto app, look for the “Exit” or “Turn Off” option. This is the key step in turning off Android Auto. Once you locate the exit option, tap on it to close the app.


After tapping the exit option, you may be asked to confirm that you want to turn off Android Auto. This is just a final check to ensure that you indeed want to exit the app. Confirm your choice, and the app will be turned off.

My Experience

Personally, I find the process of turning off Android Auto to be straightforward once you get the hang of it. It’s always my go-to when I’m transitioning out of the app and back to the regular phone interface. The gear icon and exit option are like old friends to me now!


So there you have it – a detailed guide to turning off Android Auto. I hope this article has been helpful to you, and that you now feel confident in navigating the process. Remember, mastering the steps may take a couple of tries, but once you’ve got it down, it becomes second nature. Happy driving!