How To Track Affiliates With Leaddyno And Aweber

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Having years of experience in the affiliate marketing industry, I recognize the significance of efficiently monitoring affiliates. Not only does it enable you to assess their performance, but it also ensures precise commission payments. In this article, I will provide comprehensive instructions on how to track affiliates utilizing LeadDyno and AWeber – two robust tools that streamline the process.

Introduction to LeadDyno and AWeber

LeadDyno is an affiliate tracking software that provides comprehensive solutions for managing your affiliate program. It offers features like affiliate tracking, commission management, and affiliate recruitment tools.

AWeber, on the other hand, is an email marketing platform that enables you to build and manage your email list effectively. It offers powerful automation features and allows you to create targeted email campaigns.

Step 1: Getting Started with LeadDyno

To begin tracking affiliates with LeadDyno, you need to sign up for an account. Once you have registered, follow these steps:

  1. Set up your affiliate program: Define the commission structure, create affiliate registration forms, and customize your program settings to match your requirements.
  2. Generate tracking links: LeadDyno provides unique tracking links for each of your affiliates. These links help in tracking their referrals and conversions accurately.
  3. Add promotional materials: To assist your affiliates in promoting your products or services, upload banners, text ads, and other marketing materials to the LeadDyno platform.
  4. Monitor affiliate performance: Use the LeadDyno dashboard to monitor affiliate activities, track conversions, and measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Step 2: Integrating LeadDyno with AWeber

Integrating LeadDyno with AWeber allows you to capture affiliate leads and automatically add them to your email list. This integration ensures that you can nurture and engage with your affiliates through targeted email campaigns. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Login to your LeadDyno account and navigate to the “Integrations” section.
  2. Select AWeber from the available integrations and authorize the connection between LeadDyno and AWeber.
  3. Map your LeadDyno fields with AWeber fields: This step ensures that the data captured by LeadDyno is correctly synced with your AWeber account.
  4. Enable the integration: Once the mapping is done, activate the integration to start capturing affiliate leads in your AWeber account automatically.

With the integration in place, you can now leverage AWeber’s email automation capabilities to send personalized emails to your affiliates, update them on their commission earnings, and provide them with valuable resources to enhance their promotional efforts.


Tracking affiliates is crucial for the success of your affiliate program. By using LeadDyno and integrating it with AWeber, you can streamline the process and gain valuable insights into your affiliate marketing efforts. From setting up your affiliate program to monitoring affiliate performance, these tools provide a comprehensive solution for tracking affiliates and managing your program effectively.

Remember, effective affiliate tracking is the key to maximizing your program’s potential, so take advantage of the features and integrations available to you. Good luck!