How To Thank Someone For Adding You On Facebook

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Having received a friend request on Facebook, you may want to express your gratitude to the individual who added you. It’s important to add a personal touch and show your appreciation in order to build and maintain meaningful connections in the digital world. In this article, I will provide some helpful suggestions for thanking someone for adding you on Facebook, along with my own insights and commentary. Let’s get started!

1. Send a personalized message

One of the most genuine ways to show your gratitude is by sending a personalized message to the person who added you. Take a moment to think about what you have in common or why they might have reached out to you. Mention something specific that caught your attention or made you feel connected to them. This personal touch will not only make your message stand out, but also make the other person feel valued and appreciated.

For example, when my friend Sarah added me on Facebook, I noticed that we both shared a love for hiking and outdoor adventures. In my message, I expressed my excitement about connecting with her and mentioned how much I enjoyed seeing her hiking photos. This personal detail made the conversation more meaningful and sparked further discussions about our shared interests.

2. Engage with their posts

Another way to thank someone for adding you on Facebook is by actively engaging with their posts. Like their photos, comment on their status updates, and share interesting articles or videos that they might enjoy. By showing genuine interest and support, you are reinforcing the idea that you value their presence in your social media network.

When my colleague David added me on Facebook, I made an effort to engage with his posts. I would comment on his vacation photos, offer congratulations on his achievements, and share helpful resources related to his professional interests. These small gestures not only deepened our online connection but also strengthened our real-life friendship.

3. Plan a meet-up or virtual hangout

If you feel a strong connection with the person who added you on Facebook, why not take it a step further and plan a meet-up or virtual hangout? Meeting face-to-face or engaging in a video call can provide a more meaningful and personal way to express your gratitude.

When I connected with my childhood friend Emily on Facebook after years of lost touch, we decided to plan a coffee date. This allowed us to catch up in person and reminisce about old memories. Our Facebook connection was the starting point, but meeting in real life strengthened our bond and made our friendship even more special.


Adding a personal touch when thanking someone for adding you on Facebook can help foster authentic connections in our digital age. Whether it’s through a personalized message, engaging with their posts, or planning a meet-up, expressing gratitude in a genuine and thoughtful manner goes a long way in building and maintaining meaningful relationships. So go ahead, show your appreciation, and let the connections flourish!