How To Tell If A Webex Is Being Recorded

Webex meetings have become a crucial aspect of our work lives, enabling us to communicate and cooperate with fellow colleagues and clients from the convenience of our own residences. However, have you ever pondered if someone is covertly recording your Webex meeting? In this piece, I will provide some insights on how to determine if a Webex meeting is being recorded.

My Personal Experience

As someone who frequently uses Webex for meetings, I’ve learned to be cautious and aware of potential recording activities. There was a time when I was part of a Webex meeting, and I noticed a slight delay in the presenter’s audio and video. This raised my suspicion that the meeting might be recorded.

I decided to pay closer attention to the meeting interface and look for any signs that could confirm or debunk my suspicion. Here are some key indicators I discovered:

1. Recording Notifications

Webex provides a clear and visible notification when a meeting is being recorded. As a participant, you will usually see a small red dot or an indicator next to the recording button on the meeting toolbar. This serves as a clear signal that the meeting is being recorded.

2. Host Controls

Another telltale sign is the presence of host controls related to recording. Hosts have the ability to start, stop, and pause recordings during the meeting. If you notice the host actively using these controls, it’s a strong indication that the meeting is being recorded.

3. Recording Status in the Meeting Window

Webex also displays the recording status prominently in the meeting window. If you see a message indicating that the meeting is being recorded at the top or bottom of the screen, you can be confident that your meeting is being recorded.

4. Recording Indicator in the Participant List

In some cases, Webex may display a recording indicator next to the names of participants who are actively recording the meeting. This can help you identify participants who have chosen to record the session.


In the age of online meetings, it’s important to be aware of potential recording activities in Webex meetings. By paying attention to recording notifications, host controls, meeting window messages, and participant indicators, you can determine if a meeting is being recorded.

Remember to always respect the privacy of others and ask for consent before recording a Webex meeting. If you suspect that a meeting is being recorded without your knowledge or without proper consent, it’s essential to address the issue with the meeting host or organizer.