How To Sort In Wrike

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Organizing tasks and projects in Wrike has significantly enhanced my productivity as someone who highly prioritizes organization and efficiency. Being able to efficiently classify and prioritize my work using the various sorting options in Wrike has been a game-changer for me. In this article, I will discuss the different sorting features offered by Wrike and how you can utilize them to effectively manage your tasks.

Sorting by Due Date

One of the most common ways to sort tasks in Wrike is by due date. This allows you to see what needs to be done first and helps you prioritize your workload. To sort by due date, simply click on the “Due Date” column header in the task or project view. You can choose to sort in ascending or descending order, depending on your preference.

Sorting by Status

Another useful sorting option in Wrike is by status. This allows you to group tasks or projects based on their current state, such as “In Progress,” “Pending Review,” or “Completed.” Sorting by status is particularly helpful when you have multiple tasks or projects that are at different stages of completion. To sort by status, click on the “Status” column header and choose the desired sorting order.

Sorting by Assignee

If you are working in a team or collaborating with others, sorting tasks by assignee can be extremely beneficial. This allows you to see all the tasks assigned to a specific team member at a glance. To sort by assignee, click on the “Assignee” column header and select the desired sorting order.

Sorting by Custom Fields

Wrike also offers the flexibility to create and customize your own fields. These custom fields can be used for sorting tasks and projects based on specific criteria that are important to you and your workflow. To sort by a custom field, click on the respective column header and choose the desired sorting order.


Sorting tasks and projects in Wrike is a powerful feature that enhances productivity and organization. By utilizing the various sorting options available, you can easily prioritize your work, track progress, and collaborate effectively with your team. Whether it’s sorting by due date, status, assignee, or custom fields, Wrike provides the flexibility to tailor your sorting preferences to match your unique needs. Give it a try and experience the benefits of efficient task management firsthand!