How To Share A Video In Gotomeeting

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Sharing a video while using GoToMeeting is an excellent strategy to involve your audience and improve your presentations. In this article, I will lead you through the process of sharing a video in GoToMeeting and also offer some personal opinions and commentary.

Step 1: Start your GoToMeeting session

Before you can share a video, make sure you have started your GoToMeeting session. Once you are ready, invite participants to join the meeting using the provided meeting ID and password.

Step 2: Open the video you want to share

Now, open the video that you want to share with your participants. This could be a video file stored on your computer or a video hosted on a website. Ensure that the video is readily accessible.

Step 3: Click on the ‘Share’ button

In the GoToMeeting control panel, locate the ‘Share’ button and click on it. This will bring up a menu with various sharing options.

Step 4: Select ‘Share a file’

From the sharing options menu, choose ‘Share a file’. This will open a file explorer window where you can browse for the video file on your computer.

Step 5: Choose your video file

Navigate to the location where your video file is stored and select it. Once you have selected the file, click on the ‘Open’ button to start sharing the video.

Step 6: Start playing the video

Once the video has been shared, it will appear as a separate window on the screens of your participants. To start playing the video, simply click on the ‘Play’ button within the shared video window.

Step 7: Control the video playback

As the presenter, you have full control over the video playback. You can pause, rewind, fast forward, or stop the video at any time using the playback controls. This allows you to provide commentary or discuss specific points during the video.

Step 8: End the video sharing

Once you have finished sharing the video, click on the ‘Stop Sharing’ button within the shared video window. This will stop the video playback and remove the video window from the screens of your participants.


Sharing a video in GoToMeeting can greatly enhance your presentations and improve audience engagement. By following these simple steps, you can easily share videos with your participants and have full control over the playback. So go ahead and make your meetings more interactive and dynamic by incorporating videos into your GoToMeeting sessions!