How To Share A Recorded Gotomeeting

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Sharing a GoToMeeting session recording is an easy and efficient method for disseminating critical meeting information to attendees who were unable to attend the live session or wish to revisit the material at a later date. In this guide, I will walk you through the steps of sharing a recorded GoToMeeting session and offer some valuable insights based on my personal experience.

Recording a GoToMeeting Session

Before we dive into sharing a recorded GoToMeeting session, let’s quickly discuss how to record a session in the first place. When hosting a meeting using GoToMeeting, you have the option to record the entire session, including audio, video, and any shared screens or presentations.

To start recording a session, you can simply click on the “Record” button in the GoToMeeting control panel. Once the recording starts, a small red dot will appear on your screen, indicating that the session is being recorded. It’s important to inform your participants that the session is being recorded to ensure everyone is aware and comfortable with it.

During the meeting, you can pause or stop the recording by clicking on the corresponding buttons in the control panel. Once the meeting is finished and you have stopped the recording, GoToMeeting will automatically convert the recorded session into a downloadable format.

Sharing the Recorded GoToMeeting Session

After recording a GoToMeeting session, it’s time to share it with the intended recipients. GoToMeeting provides multiple options for sharing recorded sessions, depending on your needs and preferences.

One of the easiest ways to share a recorded session is by uploading it to a cloud storage platform such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. By uploading the recording to the cloud, you can generate a shareable link that can be sent to participants via email or any other desired communication method.

To upload a recorded GoToMeeting session to a cloud storage platform, simply navigate to the location on your computer where the recording is stored and follow the platform’s instructions to upload the file. Once the upload is complete, you can copy the shareable link and send it to your participants.

Another option for sharing a recorded GoToMeeting session is by directly emailing the recording as an attachment. This method is useful when you want to share the recording with a small group of recipients or if you prefer to have more control over who can access the recording.

To send a recorded session as an email attachment, open your preferred email client and create a new message. Attach the recorded session file to the email, add the recipients’ email addresses, and include any additional instructions or context you deem necessary. Once you hit the send button, the recording will be delivered to the recipients’ inbox.

My Personal Tips and Insights

Having shared my fair share of recorded GoToMeeting sessions, I’ve learned a few helpful tips along the way. Here are some personal insights that might benefit you when sharing recorded sessions:

  1. Consider the file size: Depending on the length and content of the meeting, recorded sessions can sometimes be quite large. Before sharing the recording, make sure to consider the file size and ensure that your recipients have sufficient storage space and bandwidth to download and view the recording.
  2. Add context and instructions: When sharing a recorded session, it’s always helpful to provide some context and instructions to your participants. Include a brief description of what the meeting was about, any relevant materials or links, and any specific instructions on how to navigate the recording.
  3. Make it easily accessible: To ensure that participants can access the recording seamlessly, provide a clear and easily accessible link or attachment. Avoid using complex or lengthy URLs and consider using URL shortening services if needed.
  4. Privacy and consent: It’s crucial to respect the privacy and consent of the participants involved in the meeting. Before sharing a recorded session, obtain the necessary permissions from all participants and be mindful of any sensitive or confidential information discussed during the meeting.


Sharing a recorded GoToMeeting session is a valuable way to distribute meeting content and allow participants to revisit important discussions or presentations. With the ability to record and share sessions, GoToMeeting provides a convenient solution for remote collaboration and knowledge sharing. By following the simple steps outlined in this article and considering some personal tips, you can ensure a smooth and effective process of sharing recorded GoToMeeting sessions.