How To Set How Macbook Opens Login Page

Setting up how your MacBook opens to the login page can greatly enhance your user experience. In this article, I will guide you through the process of customizing this setting to suit your preferences. As a MacBook user myself, I have found this feature to be incredibly convenient and a great way to personalize my device.

Step 1: Accessing System Preferences

To begin, click on the Apple menu in the top left corner of your screen and select “System Preferences” from the dropdown menu. Alternatively, you can use the spotlight search by pressing Command + Spacebar and typing “System Preferences”.

Step 2: Opening the “Users & Groups” Preference Pane

Once you are in the System Preferences window, locate and click on the “Users & Groups” icon. This will open the Users & Groups preference pane, where you can manage various user settings.

Step 3: Unlocking the Preference Pane

Depending on your device settings, you may need to unlock the preference pane before making any changes. To do this, click on the lock icon in the bottom left corner of the window. You will be prompted to enter your administrator password.

Step 4: Selecting the Login Options

With the preference pane unlocked, navigate to the “Login Options” section. Here, you will find various settings related to your login experience on your MacBook.

Step 5: Choosing the Login Window Display

Within the Login Options section, you will see a dropdown menu labeled “Display login window as:”. Click on this dropdown menu to reveal the available options.

Step 6: Selecting Your Preferred Display Option

Choose the display option that best suits your needs. Here are the available options:

  • List of users: This option displays a list of user accounts on the login screen. You can simply click on your username to log in.
  • Name and password: This option requires you to enter both your username and password on the login screen.
  • Full name: This option displays the full name associated with your user account on the login screen. You will need to click on your full name and then enter your password to log in.

Step 7: Saving Your Changes

Once you have selected your preferred display option, close the System Preferences window. Your MacBook will now open to the login page based on the settings you have chosen.

Customizing how your MacBook opens to the login page is a small but impactful way to make your device feel more personalized and tailored to your needs. Whether you prefer a streamlined user experience or additional security measures, adjusting this setting can enhance your overall MacBook usage.

My Personal Experience

Personally, I find the “List of users” option to be the most convenient for everyday use. It allows me to quickly access my account without the need to type in a username or show my full name on the login screen. However, it’s important to consider your own preferences and security needs when choosing the best option for you.


Customizing how your MacBook opens to the login page is a simple yet effective way to personalize your device. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily adjust this setting to fit your needs and enhance your overall user experience. So go ahead, give it a try and make your MacBook truly yours!