How To Send A Message In Wrike

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Hello there! Today, I would like to discuss my personal encounter on the process of sending a message in Wrike. As a frequent user of this project management platform, I have come to appreciate the messaging function as an essential tool for team communication and cooperation. Let’s take a detailed look and discover the steps to sending a message in Wrike.

Step 1: Accessing the Messaging Feature

To start, make sure you are logged into your Wrike account and have access to the project or task where you want to send a message. Once you’re in, look for the “Messages” tab or icon on the left-hand sidebar. Click on it to open the messaging panel.

Step 2: Composing a New Message

Now that you have the messaging panel open, you will see a list of recent conversations. To compose a new message, click on the “New message” button, usually located at the top or bottom of the panel. This will open a new message window.

Step 3: Selecting Recipients

In the new message window, you will see a field to enter the names or email addresses of the recipients. Wrike will suggest names based on your contacts. You can select multiple recipients by separating their names or email addresses with commas. Alternatively, you can choose to send the message to a specific project or task by typing in their names instead. This is a handy feature if you want to keep the conversation related to a specific item.

Step 4: Crafting Your Message

Once you have selected the recipients, it’s time to craft your message. Wrike’s messaging feature allows you to format your text, add attachments, and even mention other team members or tasks using “@” and “#” symbols. Take advantage of these features to make your message clear and concise. You can also use emojis to add a touch of personality to your communication!

Step 5: Sending and Managing Messages

When you are satisfied with your message, click the “Send” button to deliver it to the recipients. You will see a confirmation that your message has been sent successfully. If you need to edit or delete a message, hover over it in the conversation thread, and click on the three-dot icon that appears. From there, you can choose the desired action.


Sending messages in Wrike is a straightforward and efficient way to communicate and collaborate with your team members. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily compose and send messages, ensuring that important information is conveyed without any hassle. So go ahead and try out the messaging feature in Wrike – it will undoubtedly enhance your project management experience!