How To Segment In Mailerlite With Different Opt In Forms

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Hello there! Today, I am excited to share my personal journey and assist you in efficiently segmenting your contacts in MailerLite through various opt-in forms. Segmentation is a valuable tactic that enables you to tailor your communication with your subscribers, leading to increased engagement and conversions. Now, let’s explore the specifics!

Why is segmentation important?

Segmentation is all about dividing your subscriber list into smaller groups based on specific criteria. By doing so, you can create more targeted and personalized email campaigns that resonate with your audience’s interests and needs. Instead of sending the same generic email to everyone on your list, you can tailor your message to different segments, increasing the chances of grabbing their attention and achieving your email marketing goals.

Setting up opt-in forms

The first step in segmenting your contacts is to set up different opt-in forms that capture relevant information about your subscribers. MailerLite makes this process easy and intuitive.

To create a new opt-in form, log in to your MailerLite account and navigate to the “Forms” section. Click on “Create new form” and choose the type of form that suits your needs. You can select from a variety of form types, such as pop-ups, embedded forms, or landing pages.

Once you’ve selected the form type, customize it to match your brand and messaging. Pay attention to the fields you include in your form. Think about the specific information you want to collect from your subscribers that will help you segment them effectively.

For example, if you run an online clothing store, you might want to ask for your subscribers’ gender, clothing preferences, or purchasing behavior. This additional data will enable you to create segments based on these criteria later on.

Using segments with opt-in forms

Now that you have your opt-in forms set up, it’s time to use them strategically to segment your contacts. When creating forms in MailerLite, you can easily assign specific tags or groups to each form. These tags or groups will help you differentiate subscribers based on their interests or behavior.

For instance, let’s say you have a form that asks subscribers about their preferred communication channel. You can create two groups: “Email” and “SMS.” When a subscriber fills out the form and selects their preferred communication channel, the corresponding group tag will be assigned to them automatically in MailerLite.

The power of segmentation lies in combining multiple criteria to create highly targeted segments. You can create segments based on various factors, such as location, purchase history, engagement with previous campaigns, or any other relevant data you’ve collected through your opt-in forms.

By using these segments, you can send highly personalized emails to specific groups of subscribers, addressing their unique needs and interests. This level of personalization will not only increase your open rates and click-through rates but also build stronger relationships with your audience.


Segmentation is a game-changer in email marketing, allowing you to send personalized and relevant content to different groups of subscribers. By leveraging different opt-in forms in MailerLite, you can collect valuable data and easily segment your contacts based on specific criteria.

Remember, the key to effective segmentation is understanding your audience and tailoring your messages accordingly. Take the time to analyze your subscribers’ preferences and behaviors, and create personalized segments that resonate with them. Your efforts will be rewarded with improved engagement, higher conversions, and a more loyal subscriber base.