How To See Everyone On Gotomeeting

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Have you ever experienced a GoToMeeting and questioned whether there was an option to view all the participants in the meeting? Well, I have some great news – it is completely feasible! In this article, I will walk you through the process of viewing everyone on GoToMeeting and also share some of my personal thoughts and observations along the way.

Step 1: Join the GoToMeeting

First things first, you need to join the GoToMeeting session as a participant. Make sure you have received the meeting invitation and have the necessary meeting ID or link handy. Once you have that, you can proceed to join the meeting by entering the meeting ID or clicking on the provided link.

Personally, I find the process of joining a GoToMeeting to be quite simple and straightforward. The email invitation usually contains all the necessary details, and the one-click link makes it even easier.

Step 2: Open the Participant Panel

Once you have successfully joined the GoToMeeting, you will be presented with the meeting interface. Look for the Participant panel, usually located on the right-hand side of the screen. Click on the “Participants” icon to open the panel.

The Participant panel is where all the meeting attendees are listed. It provides an overview of who is currently present in the meeting. I find this feature particularly useful, especially in larger meetings where it may be challenging to keep track of everyone.

Step 3: View the Participant List

After opening the Participant panel, you will be able to see a list of all the participants in the meeting. The list may include their names, profile pictures (if uploaded), and other relevant details.

Personally, I find it helpful to quickly glance at the participant list to get an idea of who is attending the meeting. It allows me to recognize familiar faces and helps me engage with others during the discussion.

Step 4: Interact with Participants

Now that you can see everyone on GoToMeeting, you might also want to interact with them. Depending on the meeting settings and your role in the meeting, you may have various options to communicate with other participants.

Some common ways to interact with participants include:

  1. Using the chat feature to send messages to individuals or the entire group.
  2. Raising your hand to get the moderator’s attention or ask a question.
  3. Enabling your microphone and camera to have audio or video conversations.

I always appreciate the flexibility GoToMeeting provides in terms of participant interaction. It allows for seamless communication and collaboration, making virtual meetings feel more personal and engaging.


In conclusion, seeing everyone on GoToMeeting is a straightforward process that involves joining the meeting, opening the Participant panel, and viewing the participant list. This feature provides valuable insights into who is attending the meeting and allows for effective communication and collaboration.

As someone who frequently uses GoToMeeting for remote meetings, I can attest to the convenience and functionality of this platform. Having the ability to see everyone participating helps create a more inclusive and interactive meeting experience.

So, next time you find yourself in a GoToMeeting, don’t forget to utilize the participant visibility feature. It may just enhance your meeting experience and foster better connections with your colleagues or clients.