How To Save A Draft In Mailerlite

As a blogger, I recognize the significance of saving drafts when composing a newsletter. In this piece, I will walk you through the steps of saving a draft in MailerLite, a well-known platform for email marketing. Additionally, I will share some of my own tips and insights throughout the process.

Why Saving a Draft Matters

Saving a draft is crucial when working on a newsletter. It allows you to have a backup of your progress and gives you the flexibility to continue working on it at your own pace. Whether it’s for making edits, adding content, or simply taking a break, saving a draft ensures that your hard work is not lost.

Step-by-Step Guide to Saving a Draft in MailerLite

  1. Login to your MailerLite account and click on the “Campaigns” tab.
  2. Select the campaign you want to save as a draft or create a new campaign by clicking the “Create Campaign” button.
  3. In the campaign editor, start building your email by adding content blocks, images, and text.
  4. Once you’ve made some progress, click on the “Save” button located at the top-right corner of the editor.
  5. A dropdown menu will appear, giving you the option to save your campaign as a draft or schedule it for later. Click on the “Save as draft” option.
  6. Your campaign will now be saved as a draft, and you can continue working on it whenever you want.

It’s important to note that MailerLite automatically saves your draft periodically, so you don’t have to worry about losing your work even if you forget to save manually. However, I always recommend saving your draft manually whenever you make significant changes or complete a section to be on the safe side.

Personal Tips for Drafting in MailerLite

1. Use the “Preview” feature: Before saving your draft, always preview your campaign to see how it looks. This will help you spot any formatting issues or typos that need to be corrected.

2. Take advantage of the “Undo” and “Redo” options: If you make a mistake or accidentally delete something, these options will be a lifesaver. Just remember to save your draft before using them, as they only work within the current editing session.

3. Organize your drafts: If you work on multiple newsletters or campaigns, it’s a good idea to create folders within your MailerLite account to keep your drafts organized and easily accessible.

In Conclusion

Saving drafts in MailerLite is a simple yet essential step in your email marketing workflow. It gives you the peace of mind knowing that your hard work is protected, and it allows you to work on your newsletters at your own pace. Remember to save your drafts manually when making significant changes, and take advantage of features like previewing and organizing your drafts. Happy drafting!