How To Rotate An Image In Aweber

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Rotating an image in AWeber can be a valuable method to incorporate a distinct touch to your email newsletters. In this guide, I will walk you through the steps of rotating an image in AWeber, adding personal touches and commentary as we go along.

Step 1: Adding an Image to Your Email

First, let’s start by adding an image to your email in AWeber. To do this, open the email editor and find the section where you want to insert the image. Click on the “Image” button in the toolbar to upload and select the image you want to rotate.

<img src="your-image-url.jpg" alt="Your Image" />

Step 2: Applying the Rotation

Now that we have our image inserted, it’s time to rotate it. To rotate the image, we’ll use CSS. AWeber’s email editor allows you to add custom CSS code to your email.

Click on the “Code Your Own” button in the toolbar to access the HTML editor. You should see a code snippet that resembles the following:

<div class="custom" style="YOUR-CUSTOM-CSS"></div>

Inside the div, add the following CSS code:


.custom {

    transform: rotate(45deg);

    -webkit-transform: rotate(45deg); /* Safari and Chrome */

    -moz-transform: rotate(45deg); /* Firefox */


Replace “45deg” with the angle you want to rotate the image by. You can experiment with different angles to get the desired effect.

Step 3: Preview and Test

Once you have added the CSS code, save your email and preview it to see how the image rotates. Make sure to test it on different email clients and devices to ensure that the rotation is consistent across platforms.


Rotating an image in AWeber can be a fun way to add a personal touch to your email newsletters. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily rotate images and create visually appealing emails. Remember to test your emails on different platforms to ensure a consistent experience for your subscribers. Get creative and have fun!