How To Restore Login Page Windows 10 On Startup


Restoring the login page on Windows 10 startup can be a useful way to ensure the security and privacy of your computer. It provides an extra layer of protection by requiring a password or PIN before anyone can access your files and data. In this article, I will guide you through the process of restoring the login page on Windows 10 startup in detail.

Step 1: Accessing the Control Panel

To begin, you’ll need to access the Control Panel on your Windows 10 computer. There are multiple ways to do this, but I personally find the quickest method is to right-click on the Start menu button and select “Control Panel” from the context menu.

Step 2: Opening the User Accounts

Once you have the Control Panel open, you’ll need to navigate to the “User Accounts” section. This can typically be found under the “User Accounts and Family Safety” category. If you’re having trouble locating it, you can use the search bar at the top-right corner of the Control Panel window to search for “User Accounts”.

Step 3: Changing User Account Control Settings

Now that you’re in the User Accounts section, look for the “User Accounts” option and click on it. This will open a new window where you can make changes to your account settings. Look for the “Change User Account Control settings” link and click on it.

Step 4: Enabling Secure Sign-in

In the User Account Control settings window, you’ll see a slider with different levels of security. To restore the login page on Windows 10 startup, you’ll need to enable the “Always notify me” option. This ensures that every time your computer starts up, you’ll be prompted to enter your password or PIN before gaining access to your account.

Step 5: Restarting Your Computer

Once you’ve made the necessary changes to the User Account Control settings, it’s time to restart your computer. This will apply the changes and ensure that the login page is displayed on startup.


Restoring the login page on Windows 10 startup adds an extra layer of security to your computer and helps protect your files and data. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily enable the login page and ensure that only authorized users can access your account. Remember to keep your password or PIN secure and avoid sharing it with others.