How To Resend A Campaign In Mailerlite

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Resending a campaign in MailerLite is an excellent method for reaching out to subscribers who may have overlooked your first email. In this guide, I will walk you through the process of resending a campaign in MailerLite, offering my own commentary and insights along the way.


As an avid user of MailerLite, I’ve found that resending a campaign can significantly improve engagement and bring your message to more subscribers. It gives you a second chance to capture their attention and ensure that your valuable content reaches as many people as possible.

Step 1: Select the Campaign

The first step is to log in to your MailerLite account and navigate to the campaigns section. Find the campaign you want to resend and click on it to open the campaign editor.

Step 2: Duplicate the Campaign

Once you have opened the campaign editor, you’ll see a menu at the top. Click on the “More” option and select “Duplicate” from the dropdown menu. This will create a duplicate of the campaign which you can then edit and resend.

Step 3: Make Personal Touches

Now that you have duplicated the campaign, it’s time to add some personal touches to make it feel fresh and personalized. Addressing your subscribers by their first name in the subject line or the email content can make a significant impact. Don’t be afraid to experiment and add a bit of your own personality to the email.

Step 4: Preview and Test

Before sending the campaign, it’s crucial to preview and test it. MailerLite provides a preview option that allows you to see how the email will appear on different devices and email clients. Take the time to thoroughly test the email and ensure that all links and images are working correctly.

Step 5: Schedule or Send

Once you are satisfied with the campaign, you can choose to either schedule it for a future date or send it immediately. Consider the best time to resend the campaign to maximize its impact. You can also segment your subscribers and resend the campaign only to those who haven’t opened the original email.


Resending a campaign in MailerLite is a powerful technique to improve email engagement and reach a broader audience. By following these simple steps and adding your personal touch, you can increase the chances of your message being seen and appreciated by your subscribers. Remember to always monitor the results and make adjustments based on the feedback you receive. Happy resending!