How To Report Speed Trap On Google Maps

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Have you ever been driving and suddenly found yourself approaching a speed trap? It can be quite frustrating, but thanks to Google Maps, there’s a way to report these speed traps and help other drivers avoid getting caught. In this article, I’ll walk you through the steps to report a speed trap on Google Maps, and share some personal insights on why I find this feature so useful.

Reporting a Speed Trap on Google Maps

When you’re using Google Maps for navigation, you can easily report a speed trap by tapping on the “+” sign at the bottom right corner of the screen. This will bring up a menu with various options, including “Add a report.”

From the “Add a report” menu, select “Speed trap” to indicate the presence of a speed trap on the road you’re traveling on. This information will then be shared with other Google Maps users, helping them stay informed and drive safely.

Personal Insight

As a frequent road traveler, I’ve found the ability to report speed traps on Google Maps to be incredibly valuable. It not only allows me to contribute to the community of drivers by providing real-time information, but also helps me make informed decisions about my route. Knowing that I can help others avoid getting a ticket is a great feeling.


In conclusion, reporting a speed trap on Google Maps is a simple yet powerful feature that enhances the overall driving experience. By sharing real-time updates, we can all work together to create safer and more efficient roadways. So next time you spot a speed trap, don’t hesitate to report it on Google Maps and contribute to a safer driving environment for everyone.