How To Remove Superpowered From Slack

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Uninstalling Superpowered from Slack can effectively clean up your workspace and improve your team’s communication efficiency. Having personally faced the overwhelming consequences of having too many Slack apps, I have discovered several strategies to successfully eliminate Superpowered and take back control of my Slack workspace.

Before we dive into the removal process, let’s first understand what Superpowered is and why you might want to remove it. Superpowered is a third-party app that enhances Slack with additional features and functionality. While it can be useful for some teams, it can also add unnecessary complexity and distractions.

Step 1: Assess the Need for Superpowered

The first step in removing Superpowered from Slack is to assess whether you really need it. Take a moment to evaluate the features and benefits it provides compared to the native Slack functionalities. Consider whether it adds significant value to your team’s workflow or if it’s just causing additional noise.

In my case, I found that Superpowered was adding more noise than value. The additional features it offered were rarely used, and it often disrupted my focus and productivity. So, I decided it was time to bid farewell to Superpowered.

Step 2: Find Superpowered in the Slack App Directory

To remove Superpowered, you’ll need to access the Slack App Directory. This is where you can manage all your installed apps and integrations. From your Slack workspace, click on the “Apps” tab located in the left sidebar. Then, search for Superpowered in the App Directory search bar.

Once you’ve found Superpowered, click on its icon to access the app’s details and settings.

Step 3: Remove Superpowered from Slack

Inside the Superpowered settings page, you’ll find the option to remove the app. Look for the “Remove App” or “Uninstall” button and click on it. Slack will usually prompt you to confirm the removal, so make sure to double-check your decision before proceeding.

After confirming the removal, Slack will take care of the rest. It will remove Superpowered from your workspace and revoke any permissions it had. Depending on your workspace’s size and the number of data associated with Superpowered, this process might take a few moments.


Removing Superpowered from Slack can be a liberating experience, allowing you to focus on what matters most without unnecessary distractions. By assessing the need for Superpowered, finding it in the Slack App Directory, and removing it from your workspace, you can regain control and create a clutter-free communication environment for your team.

Remember, the decision to remove Superpowered is personal and will depend on your team’s specific needs. If you find that Superpowered adds value and enhances your Slack experience, by all means, keep using it. But if it’s become more of a hindrance than a helper, don’t hesitate to remove it and reclaim your productivity.