How To Remove Quantity Option In Woocommerce

In this article, I will provide you with instructions on how to eliminate the quantity option in WooCommerce. As a dedicated user of WooCommerce, I recognize the significance of personalizing the purchasing process to suit my clients’ requirements. A frequent customization inquiry is the removal of the quantity option, particularly for items that are sold as one unit or have restricted availability.

By default, WooCommerce includes a quantity field on the product page, allowing customers to choose how many units of a product they want to purchase. However, not all store owners want to offer this option. It may be because they sell unique or limited edition items, or maybe they prefer to encourage customers to purchase a single unit at a time.

To remove the quantity option in WooCommerce, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the Functions.php File

The first step is to access the functions.php file of your active theme. This file contains the necessary code to modify the functionality of your WooCommerce store. You can access this file through your WordPress dashboard by navigating to Appearance > Theme Editor.

Step 2: Add Custom Code

Once you have accessed the functions.php file, you can add the following code snippet:

function remove_quantity_field_from_cart( $args, $product, $variation_id ) {
return $args;
add_filter( 'woocommerce_quantity_input_args', 'remove_quantity_field_from_cart', 10, 3 );

The code above utilizes a filter hook called woocommerce_quantity_input_args to modify the arguments used to render the quantity field. By returning the $args argument unchanged, we effectively remove the quantity field from the cart page.

Step 3: Save Changes

After adding the code snippet, make sure to save the changes to the functions.php file. Once saved, you can refresh your WooCommerce store and navigate to a product page to see that the quantity field is no longer displayed.

It is worth noting that removing the quantity option may not be suitable for all types of products or businesses. If you sell products in bulk or want to give your customers the flexibility to choose the quantity, it’s advisable to keep the quantity field enabled.

In conclusion, removing the quantity option in WooCommerce can be achieved by adding a simple code snippet to your theme’s functions.php file. This customization allows you to tailor the shopping experience to meet the specific needs of your store. However, it’s important to evaluate your business model and product offerings before deciding to remove the quantity option, as it may not be suitable for all scenarios.