How To Remove Personal Information Microsoft Teams

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Greetings everyone! I would like to share with you a detailed tutorial on how to delete private data from Microsoft Teams. As a person who values privacy, it is crucial to be aware of how to secure our personal information in this modern era. Microsoft Teams is an efficient teamwork platform, yet it is vital to comprehend how to handle and safeguard our personal data within the system.

Step 1: Accessing Your Personal Information

The first thing you need to do is log in to your Microsoft Teams account. Once you’re logged in, navigate to your profile picture or initials in the top right corner of the screen and click on it. In the dropdown menu, select the “Settings” option.

Step 1.1: Account Settings

In the settings menu, click on the “Privacy” tab on the left-hand side. Here, you will find various options related to your personal information and privacy settings.

Step 1.2: Personal Information

Under the “Privacy” tab, scroll down until you see the “Personal information” section. In this section, you can view and manage the personal information that is associated with your Teams account.

Step 2: Editing Personal Information

If you find that your personal information needs to be updated or removed, Microsoft Teams provides an easy way to edit that information.

Step 2.1: Edit Profile

To edit your profile, go back to the main settings menu by clicking on the left arrow icon next to “Privacy.” Then, click on the “Profile” tab on the left-hand side. Here, you can update your profile picture, display name, job title, and other relevant information.

Step 2.2: Contact Information

Under the “Profile” tab, you can also manage your contact information. This includes your email address, phone number, and other contact details. You have the option to edit or remove this information as needed.

Step 3: Privacy Settings

In addition to managing your personal information, it’s crucial to understand and adjust your privacy settings in Microsoft Teams.

Step 3.1: Privacy Preferences

Under the “Privacy” tab in the settings menu, you will find the “Privacy preferences” section. Here, you can customize your privacy settings, such as who can find you, contact you, and see your presence status.

Step 3.2: Data Privacy

Scrolling down further in the “Privacy” tab, you will come across the “Data privacy” section. This section provides options to control how your data is used within Microsoft Teams, including suggestions, personalized ads, and more. Take the time to review and adjust these settings according to your preferences.


Removing personal information from Microsoft Teams is a vital step in protecting your privacy online. By following these simple steps, you can actively manage and safeguard your personal data within the platform. Remember to periodically review and update your privacy settings to ensure that you have control over what information is shared. Stay safe and enjoy using Microsoft Teams for collaboration and communication!