How To Remove My Name From Facebook Login Page

Have you ever wondered how to remove your name from the Facebook login page? Well, I can certainly help you with that! As someone who values privacy and prefers to keep a low profile on social media, I understand the importance of controlling the information that is displayed on the login page.

Before we dive into the steps, it is worth mentioning that removing your name from the Facebook login page is not a feature provided by Facebook directly. Therefore, the method I am about to explain involves some workarounds and may not be foolproof. It’s important to note that any changes you make to the login page will only affect how it appears on your end, not for other users.

Step 1: Customizing the User Agent

First, we need to change our web browser’s user agent to mimic a mobile device. This is because the Facebook mobile website has a different login page layout, which allows for more customization options. To do this, you can use browser extensions or developer tools such as Chrome’s “Device Mode” or Firefox’s “Responsive Design Mode”. Set the user agent to a mobile device like an iPhone or Android.

Step 2: Inspecting and Modifying the HTML

Next, we will inspect the HTML of the Facebook login page and make some modifications to remove our name. Right-click on the login page and select “Inspect” to open the browser’s developer tools. Look for the HTML element that contains your name, usually within a <span> or <div> tag.

Once you find the element, you can delete it or modify its content. However, keep in mind that this change will only be visible on your end and will not affect how the login page appears to others.

Step 3: Custom CSS Styling

If you want to take it a step further and personalize the login page, you can use custom CSS styling to hide or modify various elements. For example, you can hide the Facebook logo, change the background color, or add your own branding. Again, these changes will only be visible to you and not to other users.


While it may not be possible to completely remove your name from the Facebook login page, you can customize it to your liking using the steps mentioned above. Remember, these changes will only affect how the login page appears on your end and will not be reflected for other users. It’s important to keep in mind that modifying the login page goes against Facebook’s terms of service, and there may be ethical and legal concerns associated with doing so.

For a more official and secure way to protect your privacy on Facebook, I recommend reviewing your privacy settings and ensuring that you have enabled the necessary options to control what information is displayed on your profile and during the login process.