How To Remove Emergency Call From Lock Screen Android

Android Apps

As an avid Android user, I’ve always been particular about customizing my device to suit my needs. One feature that I found somewhat intrusive was the emergency call button on the lock screen. While I understand its importance, I prefer to have it accessible in a less prominent manner. After some research and experimentation, I’ve found a few ways to remove the emergency call option from the lock screen of an Android device.

Disabling Emergency Call on Stock Android

If you’re using a stock version of Android, the process is relatively straightforward. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to “Settings” and tap on “Security & location.”
  2. Look for “Screen lock” or “Lock screen preferences.”
  3. Choose the options related to lock screen shortcuts or emergency call.
  4. Disable the option for emergency call or customize the lock screen shortcuts as per your preference.

Using Third-Party Apps

For those using customized versions of Android, or who prefer a more user-friendly interface, there are third-party apps available to help with this customization. Apps such as Lock Screen Club or Hi Locker allow users to modify lock screen settings, including the removal of the emergency call option.

Cautionary Note

It’s important to remember that modifying system settings and using third-party apps to customize the lock screen can have security implications. Always ensure that you’re using trusted apps and that you understand the potential risks involved in making these changes.


Removing the emergency call option from the lock screen of your Android device can enhance your user experience, but it’s crucial to approach this customization with caution. By following the steps provided or using trusted third-party apps, you can tailor your device to better suit your needs while also maintaining security.