How To Raise Your Hand In Gotomeeting

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Greetings to all!

Today, I want to share my personal experience and provide a detailed guide on how to raise your hand in GoToMeeting. As many of us have transitioned to remote work or virtual classrooms, it’s essential to understand how to effectively communicate and participate in online meetings. Raising your hand is a great way to get the attention of the presenter or host, especially when you have a question or want to contribute to the discussion.

First, let me give you a brief overview of GoToMeeting. It is a popular web conferencing tool that allows users to host and attend online meetings, webinars, and presentations. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, GoToMeeting has become a go-to platform for remote collaboration.

Now, let’s dive into the process of raising your hand in GoToMeeting:

Step 1: Join the Meeting

To raise your hand, you must first join the GoToMeeting session. You will receive an invitation link or meeting ID from the host. Click on the link or enter the meeting ID provided to join the session. Depending on your device, you can access GoToMeeting via a web browser or by installing the GoToMeeting desktop application.

Step 2: Locate the Hand Raise Button

Once you are in the meeting, familiarize yourself with the GoToMeeting interface. Look for the “Hand Raise” button, which is usually located at the bottom of the screen. In some versions, the hand raise button may be located in the participant panel or toolbar.

Clicking on the hand raise button will notify the host and other participants that you have a question or comment.

Step 3: Raise Your Hand

Now it’s time to raise your hand! Simply click on the “Hand Raise” button. This action will visually indicate to the host and other participants that you want to speak or have something to contribute.

Remember, raising your hand is not only a way to get noticed but also a way to show respect and courtesy to the speaker. It allows for a more organized and structured discussion.

Step 4: Lower Your Hand

Once you have raised your hand and received acknowledgment from the host, it’s important to lower your hand when you no longer need to speak or contribute. Click on the “Hand Raise” button again to lower your hand.

By lowering your hand, you indicate to the host and other participants that you are done speaking or have no further contribution at that moment.

Step 5: Engage in the Discussion

After raising your hand, be patient and wait for the host or presenter to call on you. While waiting, you can prepare your thoughts or questions to ensure a concise and valuable interaction.

Once the host acknowledges you, feel free to unmute yourself (if necessary) and speak up. Remember to introduce yourself before asking your question or making your comment.

Now that you know how to raise your hand in GoToMeeting, you can actively participate in remote meetings, share your ideas, and engage in meaningful discussions.


Raising your hand in GoToMeeting is a simple yet powerful way to participate in virtual meetings and ensure your voice is heard. It’s a feature that promotes collaboration, engagement, and efficient communication. By knowing how to raise your hand, you can confidently contribute to online discussions, ask questions, and make the most out of your virtual meeting experience.

Happy raising!