How To Raise Hand Google Meet

Are you in a Google Meet and have a pressing question to ask or an important point to share? Don’t worry, I have the solution for you! This article will walk you through the steps of raising your hand in Google Meet so that you can actively engage in the meeting. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Joining the Meeting

Before we can raise our hand, we need to make sure we are properly connected to the Google Meet. If you have the meeting link, simply click on it, and you’ll be directed to the meeting room. If you don’t have the link, make sure you are invited by the meeting organizer beforehand, so you can access the meeting.

Step 2: Familiarizing Yourself with the Interface

Once you’re in the meeting room, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Google Meet interface. You’ll find a variety of buttons and options at the bottom of the screen. Look for the “Raise Hand” button – it typically looks like a hand icon.

Step 3: Raising Your Hand

Now that you’ve located the “Raise Hand” button, it’s time to use it! Simply click on the button, and you’ll see a hand icon appear next to your name in the participant list. This signals to the host and other participants that you have something to say or contribute.

Pro Tip: Use the Shortcut

Want to save some time and raise your hand even faster? You can use a keyboard shortcut! By pressing the “Ctrl + Alt + H” keys simultaneously, you can quickly raise your hand without having to navigate through the interface manually. Just make sure you’re focused on the Google Meet window before using the shortcut.

Step 4: Lowering Your Hand

After you’ve made your point or asked your question, it’s a good idea to lower your hand to avoid any confusion. To do this, simply click on the “Lower Hand” button which replaces the “Raise Hand” button once you’ve raised your hand. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + Alt + L” to lower your hand quickly.


Raising your hand in Google Meet is a simple yet effective way to participate actively in online meetings. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can confidently make your voice heard and contribute to the conversation. So, the next time you’re in a Google Meet, don’t be afraid to raise your hand and share your thoughts!