How To Print In Matlab


Printing in MATLAB is an essential aspect of the programming process. Whether you’re a seasoned MATLAB user or just starting out, knowing how to print your code and results is crucial for documentation and sharing your work with others. In this article, I’ll guide you through the various ways to print in MATLAB, and share some personal tips and tricks based on my own experience.

Printing to the Command Window

One of the simplest ways to print in MATLAB is by using the disp function. This function is handy for printing out text, variables, and results directly to the command window. For example, you can use disp('Hello, MATLAB!') to print a simple greeting.

Printing Variables

If you want to print the value of a variable or array, you can simply type the variable name and press Enter. MATLAB will display the value in the command window. This is a quick and easy way to check the value of your variables as you write and run your code.

Printing Plots

When it comes to plotting data in MATLAB, the print function becomes incredibly useful. You can use this function to print your plots to various output devices such as printers, image files, or even PDF documents. For example, print('my_plot', '-dpng') will save the current figure as a PNG image named ‘my_plot’.

Customizing Output Appearance

To improve the appearance of your printed output, you can adjust settings such as font size, line width, and color options using MATLAB’s printing options. These settings can be modified using the set and get functions for graphical objects, giving you full control over the appearance of your printed output.

Generating Reports with MATLAB Publisher

MATLAB also offers a powerful tool called MATLAB Publisher, which allows you to create formatted reports that include MATLAB code, results, and visualizations. With MATLAB Publisher, you can generate HTML, LaTeX, and PDF reports directly from MATLAB scripts, making it easier to share your work with others in a professional and well-organized format.


Printing in MATLAB is a fundamental skill that every MATLAB programmer should master. From printing simple text to generating professional reports, the various printing options in MATLAB provide flexibility and convenience for documenting and presenting your work. Whether you’re printing to the command window, creating visualizations, or generating reports, understanding the printing capabilities of MATLAB will undoubtedly enhance your programming experience.