How To Print From Onedrive Android

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You can easily and efficiently print documents from OneDrive on your Android device, allowing you to turn your digital files into physical copies. Whether you need to print a crucial report for a meeting or want to have printed versions of your favorite photos, OneDrive has the capability to assist you. This article will walk you through the process of printing from OneDrive on your Android device, offering detailed instructions and personal tips.

Step 1: Install the Printer’s App

Before you can print from OneDrive, you need to have a printing app installed on your Android device. Most printer manufacturers have their own apps that work seamlessly with their printers. Go to the Google Play Store and search for your printer brand’s app. Once you find it, install the app on your device.

Step 2: Open OneDrive

Now that you have the printer’s app installed, open OneDrive on your Android device. You can find the OneDrive app in your app drawer or on your home screen. Tap on the OneDrive icon to launch the app.

Step 3: Select the File

In OneDrive, navigate to the file you want to print. You can browse through your folders or use the search bar to find the specific file. Once you have located the file, tap on it to select it.

Step 4: Share the File

After selecting the file, tap on the share button, usually represented by an arrow pointing upwards or a three-dot menu icon depending on your device. This will open a menu with various sharing options.

Step 5: Choose the Printer’s App

In the sharing menu, locate and tap on the printer’s app you installed in Step 1. This will open the printer app with the selected file ready for printing.

Step 6: Configure Printing Options

Once the printer’s app is open, you may have the opportunity to configure the printing options according to your preferences. This can include selecting the number of copies, choosing color or black and white, adjusting paper size, and more. Take a moment to customize the printing settings as needed.

Step 7: Print the File

Finally, tap on the Print button to initiate the printing process. Your Android device will communicate with the printer and send the file for printing. Depending on your printer and its settings, the printing process may take a few moments.

Printing from OneDrive on your Android device can be a handy feature, allowing you to easily and quickly bring your digital files into the physical realm. Whether it’s important documents, memorable photos, or creative projects, printing from OneDrive gives you the flexibility to have hard copies when you need them.


In this article, we explored the step-by-step process of printing from OneDrive on your Android device. By installing the printer’s app, accessing OneDrive, selecting the file, sharing it with the printer’s app, configuring printing options, and finally initiating the printing process, you can effortlessly transform your virtual files into tangible documents. So go ahead, give it a try, and enjoy the convenience and versatility of printing directly from OneDrive!