How To Present In Google Meet Powerpoint

Google Meet is a well-known medium for conducting virtual meetings and delivering presentations. One noteworthy capability that numerous individuals appreciate is the option to display PowerPoint slides directly within Google Meet. This guide will walk you through the steps of presenting PowerPoint slides in Google Meet and also provide some personal suggestions and techniques to enhance your presentation.

Step 1: Prepare your PowerPoint slides

The first step is to create your PowerPoint presentation. Add all the content, images, and animations that you want to include. Make sure your slides are well-organized and visually appealing.

Step 2: Open Google Meet

Once your presentation is ready, open a new tab in your web browser and go to Google Meet. Sign in with your Google account if you haven’t already.

Step 3: Start a new meeting

In the Google Meet homepage, click on the “Join or start a meeting” button to start a new meeting. You will be given a unique meeting link that you can share with the participants.

Step 4: Share your screen

Once you are in the meeting, locate the “Present now” button at the bottom of the screen and click on it. A menu will appear with different options for sharing your screen. Select the “A window” option.

Step 5: Select your PowerPoint presentation

A list of all the open windows on your computer will appear. Find and select the PowerPoint window that contains your presentation. Click on the “Share” button.

Step 6: Start presenting

Your PowerPoint presentation is now being shared in Google Meet. You will see a toolbar at the top of the screen with options to control your presentation, such as next slide, previous slide, and exit presentation mode.

Now, let me share some personal touches and commentary to make your presentation stand out:

Add personal stories or anecdotes

Instead of just presenting information, try to incorporate personal stories or anecdotes related to the topic. This will help you connect with your audience on a deeper level and make your presentation more memorable.

Engage your audience with interactive elements

Include interactive elements in your slides, such as polls, quizzes, or clickable buttons. This will keep your audience engaged and make your presentation more dynamic.

Use visuals to enhance your message

Visuals play a crucial role in any presentation. Use high-quality images, graphs, charts, and diagrams to visually enhance your message and make it easier to understand.

Practice and rehearse

Before presenting in Google Meet, make sure to practice and rehearse your presentation multiple times. This will help you feel more confident and deliver your message smoothly.


Presenting PowerPoint slides in Google Meet is a great way to share your ideas and engage with your audience. By following the steps outlined in this article and incorporating personal touches, you can create an impactful and memorable presentation. Remember to be well-prepared, use visuals effectively, and practice beforehand. Happy presenting!