How To Play Recorded Webex Session

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Watching a recorded WebEx session can be extremely beneficial for individuals who were unable to participate in the live session or would like to revisit the material. In this guide, I will take you through the steps of playing a recorded WebEx session, while also sharing my own insights and thoughts based on my personal experience.

Step 1: Accessing the WebEx Recording

To begin, you need to access the recorded WebEx session. Normally, the host of the session will provide a link or send an email with the recording. Open the email or click on the provided link to access the recording. If you can’t find the email or link, reach out to the host and kindly ask for the recording.

Step 2: Opening the Recorded Session

Once you have the link or email, click on it to open the recorded session. This will usually take you to a webpage with the playback controls and video player.

During one of my recent WebEx sessions on project management, I encountered some technical difficulties while accessing the recorded session. The link I received was not opening properly, and I was worried that I would miss out on the valuable content. After contacting the host, they realized that the link was incorrect and provided me with the correct one. It’s always a good idea to double-check the link if you encounter any issues.

Step 3: Navigating the Playback Controls

Once you have the recorded session open, familiarize yourself with the playback controls. These controls will allow you to pause, play, rewind, and fast forward through the recording.

I found the playback controls to be intuitive and easy to use. The large play button in the center allows you to start or pause the recording with a single click. Additionally, there are buttons for rewinding and fast forwarding, which can be handy when you want to skip certain sections or go back to review a particular point.

Step 4: Adjusting the Playback Settings

Depending on your preferences, you may want to adjust the playback settings to enhance your viewing experience. Most WebEx recordings allow you to change the video quality, enable subtitles, or adjust the playback speed.

Personally, I often adjust the playback speed. When I am reviewing a recorded session that I’m already familiar with, I find that increasing the playback speed helps me to quickly skim through the content and focus on specific sections. However, when studying a new topic or trying to grasp complex concepts, I prefer to slow down the playback speed to ensure I don’t miss any details.

Step 5: Taking Notes and Bookmarking

As you watch the recorded WebEx session, it can be helpful to take notes or bookmark specific moments that you want to revisit later. This way, you can easily refer back to important information or jot down any thoughts or questions that arise during the session.

During a recent training session I attended, I found it particularly useful to bookmark key moments in the session using the provided bookmark feature. This allowed me to quickly jump back to those moments when I needed to reference them later. It’s a handy feature that can save you time and improve your overall learning experience.

Step 6: Engaging with the Content

Playing a recorded WebEx session is not just about passive viewing. Take advantage of any interactive features that the recording may offer, such as quizzes, surveys, or discussion forums. Engaging with the content and participating in these activities can enhance your learning and provide you with a more immersive experience.

In a recent recorded WebEx session on cybersecurity, the host included a quiz at the end to test our knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the quiz and challenging myself to answer the questions correctly. It added an element of gamification to the learning process and made the session more engaging.


Playing a recorded WebEx session is a convenient way to access valuable content at your own pace. By following these steps and adding your own personal touches, you can make the most out of the recorded session. Remember to always reach out to the host if you encounter any difficulties, and take advantage of features like bookmarking and playback settings to tailor your learning experience.