How To Play Notion By Kings Of Leon On Guitar

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Strumming “Notion” by Kings of Leon on guitar is an excellent method to display your abilities and groove to this captivating rock anthem. As an avid guitarist, I have spent countless hours analyzing this tune and honing the necessary techniques to execute it flawlessly. In this piece, I will lead you through the steps of playing “Notion” on guitar, imparting my own pointers and perspectives as we go along.

Getting the Right Sound

Before we dive into the actual guitar parts, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the right sound. Kings of Leon is known for their gritty, bluesy rock sound, so you’ll want to dial in a similar tone on your guitar. I recommend using a humbucker-equipped guitar with some mild overdrive to replicate the raw energy of the song.

The Intro

The song kicks off with a catchy guitar riff that sets the tone for the rest of the track. To play the intro, start with your index finger on the 5th fret of the A string. Pluck the string, followed by a quick slide up to the 7th fret. Next, use your ring finger to play the 7th fret of the D string. Finally, slide it up to the 9th fret and give it a slight bend for some extra flair. Repeat this riff a few times to capture the infectious groove of the song.

The Verse

Once the verse kicks in, you’ll notice a change in the guitar part. For the verse, you’ll mainly be playing power chords to create a driving rhythm. The chords you’ll need are A5, E5, D5, and F#5. Start with the A5 chord shape on the 5th fret and move it down to the open position for the E5 and D5 chords. Then, slide it up to the 9th fret for the F#5 chord. Alternate between these chords to accompany the vocals.

The Chorus

The chorus of “Notion” introduces a more melodic guitar part that adds a touch of sweetness to the song. To play the chorus, you’ll need to switch to barre chords. Start with an A major barre chord on the 5th fret and move it up to the 12th fret for the E major chord. Then, slide it down to the 7th fret for the D major chord. Lastly, play an F# major barre chord on the 9th fret. Strum these chords with a steady rhythm and let them ring out for a fuller sound.

My Personal Touches

When I play “Notion” on guitar, I like to add some personal touches to make it my own. During the intro riff, I like to add a slight bend to the notes on the D string to give it a bluesy feel. In the verse, I often incorporate palm muting to create a tighter sound and emphasize the rhythmic drive of the song. For the chorus, I like to experiment with different strumming patterns and add some embellishments, like hammer-ons and pull-offs, to make it more dynamic.


Playing “Notion” by Kings of Leon on guitar is a fun and challenging experience. By following the steps outlined in this article, you’ll be well on your way to mastering this rock anthem. Remember to have fun and add your own personal touches to make it your own. Keep practicing and soon you’ll be rocking out to “Notion” with confidence.