How To Permanently Deleter Microsoft Teams

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Have you ever felt bogged down by the frequent alerts and interruptions caused by Microsoft Teams? As someone who loves technology, I’ve encountered various instances with this well-known collaboration tool. In this piece, I will walk you through the steps of permanently removing Microsoft Teams from your device, enabling you to take back command over your efficiency and diminish digital chaos.

Before You Begin

Before we dive into the deletion process, it’s essential to understand the implications. Deleting Microsoft Teams means losing access to all your chat history, files, and ongoing collaborations. Make sure to back up any important information you wish to keep before proceeding. Additionally, you may want to communicate your decision to colleagues or team members who rely on Teams for communication.

Uninstalling Microsoft Teams

The first step in permanently deleting Microsoft Teams is to uninstall the application from your device. The process may vary slightly depending on your operating system, but here are the general steps:


  1. Click on the Start menu and navigate to “Settings”.
  2. Click on “Apps” or “Apps & features”.
  3. Scroll down and locate “Microsoft Teams” in the list of installed applications.
  4. Click on “Microsoft Teams” and then click “Uninstall”.
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the uninstallation process.


  1. Open the Finder application.
  2. In the menu bar, click on “Go” and select “Applications”.
  3. Locate “Microsoft Teams” in the list of applications.
  4. Drag the Microsoft Teams application to the Trash.
  5. Right-click on the Trash and select “Empty Trash”.

Mobile Devices

On mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, the process may vary depending on your device’s operating system. Here are some general steps:

  • Find the Microsoft Teams app on your home screen or app drawer.
  • Tap and hold the app icon until it starts to shake.
  • Tap the “Delete” or “Uninstall” option (may vary depending on the device).
  • Confirm the deletion when prompted.

Cleaning Up

Uninstalling Microsoft Teams removes the application from your device, but there may still be residual files and settings on your computer. Here’s how you can clean up:

  • Delete any desktop shortcuts or taskbar icons related to Microsoft Teams.
  • Open the file explorer and navigate to the following locations:


  • Delete any remaining folders or files related to Teams.
  • Empty the Recycle Bin to permanently delete the files.


Congratulations! You have successfully deleted Microsoft Teams from your device. By taking this step, you have regained control over your digital workspace and reduced unnecessary distractions. Remember, while Teams can be a valuable tool for collaboration, sometimes it’s necessary to prioritize personal productivity. If you ever decide to give Teams another try in the future, it’s as simple as reinstalling the application. Good luck on your productivity journey!