How To Merge Branches In Github

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Let me take you through the process of merging branches in GitHub, a crucial part of the collaborative development process.

Creating and Switching Branches

Before merging branches, it’s important to understand how to create and switch between branches in GitHub. When working on a new feature or fixing a bug, I always create a new branch to keep my changes separate from the main codebase. I use the command git checkout -b [branch-name] to create and switch to a new branch named [branch-name]. This keeps the main branch clean while I work on my changes.

Pushing Changes to GitHub

Once I’ve made changes to my new branch, I push them to GitHub using the command git push origin [branch-name]. This uploads my branch and changes to the remote repository, making it accessible to other collaborators. It’s important to push the branch to GitHub before merging it.

Merging Branches

When my changes are ready to be integrated into the main codebase, it’s time to merge the branch. I navigate to the main repository on GitHub and open a pull request for my branch. After reviewing the changes and making sure all tests pass, I click the “Merge” button to combine the changes into the main branch.

Resolving Merge Conflicts

Sometimes, there are conflicts between the changes in the main branch and the one I’m trying to merge. GitHub provides a helpful interface to resolve these conflicts directly on the platform. I carefully review the conflicting files, make the necessary adjustments, and mark the conflicts as resolved before finalizing the merge.

Deleting Merged Branches

After the merge is successful, I delete the merged branch both locally and on GitHub using the command git branch -d [branch-name] and git push origin --delete [branch-name]. This keeps the repository tidy and prevents unnecessary clutter from accumulating over time.


Mastering the process of merging branches in GitHub is essential for efficient collaboration and project management. By creating, pushing, merging, and deleting branches in a mindful manner, I ensure that my contributions are seamlessly integrated into the codebase while maintaining the cleanliness and organization of the repository.