How To Markup A Word Document In Microsoft Teams

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Hello there! Today, I would like to tell you about the steps for marking up a Word document using Microsoft Teams. As a person who often works together with my team on documents, I find this functionality extremely beneficial. Let’s get started!

What is Markup in Microsoft Teams?

Before we get started, let me explain what markup actually means in the context of Microsoft Teams. Markup refers to the process of reviewing and providing feedback on a document. It allows you to highlight, comment, and suggest changes directly within the document.

Step 1: Uploading the Word Document

The first step is to upload the Word document to Microsoft Teams. You can do this by navigating to the desired channel or chat and selecting the “Files” tab. From there, click on the “Upload” button and select your Word document from your local drive.

Step 2: Opening the Document in Teams

Once the document is uploaded, you can open it directly in Microsoft Teams by clicking on it. This will launch the Word Online editor, where you can start marking up the document.

Step 3: Adding Comments and Suggestions

Now, let’s talk about how you can add comments and suggestions to the document. To add a comment, simply select the text or element you want to comment on and click on the “New Comment” button in the toolbar. This will insert a comment bubble next to the selected text where you can type your comment.

If you want to suggest changes to the document, you can use the “Track Changes” feature. To enable this, go to the “Review” tab in the Word Online editor and toggle on the “Track Changes” button. Any changes you make to the document will be highlighted in a different color, making it easy for others to see your suggestions.

Step 4: Responding to Comments and Resolving Suggestions

Collaboration is a two-way street, so it’s important to know how to respond to comments and suggestions made by your teammates. To reply to a comment, simply click on the comment bubble and type your response in the text box. This way, you can have a conversation directly within the document.

When a suggestion has been made, you can either accept or reject it. To do this, click on the suggestion and choose the appropriate action from the context menu. Accepting a suggestion will incorporate the change into the document, while rejecting it will keep the original content.


And there you have it! Markup in Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool that allows for seamless collaboration and feedback on Word documents. By following these steps, you can easily mark up a document, add comments, suggest changes, and engage in productive discussions with your team. Give it a try and see how it can enhance your document collaboration experience!