How To Make Windows 10 Login Page Look Like Win7


As an avid fan of the classic Windows 7 interface, I always found myself missing its familiar login screen whenever I booted up my Windows 10 machine. The sleek and simple design of Windows 7’s login page had a certain charm that I just couldn’t shake off. So, I went on a mission to make my Windows 10 login page look as close to Windows 7 as possible, and I’m here to share my journey with you.

The Quest for the Classic Look

The first step in this endeavor was to find a suitable Windows 7-themed login screen that I could use on my Windows 10 system. After some extensive online research, I stumbled upon a fantastic open-source project called “Windows 10 Login Background Changer.”

This nifty tool allows users to customize their Windows 10 login screen with any image of their choosing, including the iconic Windows 7 logo. After downloading and installing the tool, I excitedly began the process of transforming my login page.

Instructions for using the “Windows 10 Login Background Changer” tool:

  1. Download the tool from the official website.
  2. Run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  3. Launch the tool and select the “Change Login Screen” option.
  4. Choose the desired Windows 7-themed image or logo from your local files.
  5. Click on the “Apply” button to set the new login screen.
  6. Restart your computer to see the magical transformation take place.

And voila! My Windows 10 login screen now bears a striking resemblance to the good old Windows 7 interface. Every time I see it, a wave of nostalgia washes over me, reminding me of the simpler times.

A Touch of Personalization

Now that I have achieved the desired Windows 7 look for my login page, it’s time to add some personal touches to make it truly my own. Windows 10 allows for a certain level of customization, and I took full advantage of it to enhance my login experience.

Here are a few customization options that you can explore:

  • Changing the accent color: Windows 10 provides various accent colors that can be applied to the login screen. I selected a classic blue shade reminiscent of the Windows 7 color scheme.
  • Adding a custom lock screen image: Windows 10 also allows users to set a unique lock screen image that appears before the login screen. I opted for a serene nature landscape to set the mood.
  • Enabling picture password or PIN: Windows 10 offers alternative login methods like picture password or PIN, which can add an extra layer of security and convenience.

By implementing these personalization options, I was able to infuse my own style into the Windows 7-themed login screen, making it truly unique.


Transforming my Windows 10 login page to resemble the beloved Windows 7 interface was a fun and rewarding experience. With the help of the “Windows 10 Login Background Changer” tool and some personal touches, I was able to bring back the nostalgic charm of Windows 7 right to my desktop.

Remember, personalizing your login screen is all about making your computer feel like your own. So, go ahead and embark on your own journey of customization. Who knows, you might discover a whole new level of nostalgia and satisfaction.

If you want to try out the “Windows 10 Login Background Changer” tool for yourself, you can download it from