How To Make The Aweber List Avaible For Leadpage

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Integrating your AWeber email list with Leadpages can significantly improve your email marketing and simplify your lead generation. With my personal experience using both platforms extensively, I can easily assist you in making your AWeber list accessible for Leadpages. Let’s explore the specifics!

Step 1: Connect AWeber and Leadpages

To start, you’ll need an active AWeber account and a Leadpages account. Once you have both, log in to your Leadpages account and navigate to the Integrations section. Look for the AWeber integration option and click on it to begin the setup process.

Follow the prompts to authorize the connection between AWeber and Leadpages. This will enable the two platforms to communicate with each other and share relevant data.

Step 2: Create an Opt-In Form in AWeber

In your AWeber account, create a new opt-in form that will capture the information of your leads. Customize the design and fields according to your preferences and the needs of your email marketing campaign.

Once you’re satisfied with the form, save it and generate the HTML code provided by AWeber. This code will be used to embed the opt-in form on your Leadpages landing pages.

Step 3: Add the AWeber HTML Code to Your Leadpages

Now, switch back to your Leadpages account. Choose the landing page where you want to include the AWeber opt-in form. In the Leadpages editor, navigate to the section where you want the form and add a new form element.

Next, select the HTML form option and paste the AWeber HTML code into the designated field. Make sure to save your changes.

Step 4: Test the Integration

After adding the AWeber opt-in form to your Leadpages landing page, it’s essential to test the integration to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

First, preview your landing page and submit a test lead. Verify that the lead’s information is captured in your AWeber account. This confirms that the integration is working as intended.

Step 5: Monitor and Nurture Your Leads

With the AWeber list now available for Leadpages, you can effectively manage and nurture your leads within your AWeber account. Utilize AWeber’s powerful email automation features to create targeted campaigns and deliver value to your subscribers.

Regularly monitor your lead generation efforts and review the analytics provided by both AWeber and Leadpages. This will help you optimize your landing pages and email campaigns to maximize your conversions and engagement.


Integrating your AWeber email list with Leadpages opens up a world of possibilities for your email marketing strategy. By following the steps outlined above, you can effortlessly connect these two platforms and streamline your lead generation process.

Remember, consistently providing valuable and personalized content to your subscribers is key to building a thriving email list. So, put these integration techniques into practice, and watch your email marketing efforts soar!