How To Make R Studio Notify When No Longer Busy

R Programming

Have you ever found yourself waiting for a long-running process to complete in R Studio, only to realize later that it has finished and you missed the notification? I know the feeling! But fear not, I have discovered a solution that has saved me from this frustration. Let me show you how to make R Studio notify you when it is no longer busy.

Setting Up Notifications in R Studio

To enable notifications in R Studio, we can use the beepr package, which provides an easy way to generate notification sounds. First, we need to install the beepr package if it is not already installed. We can do this by running the following command in the R console:


Next, we load the beepr package into our R Studio session:


Now that we have the beepr package ready, we can set it up to play a sound when R Studio is no longer busy. We can achieve this by defining a function that checks if R is currently busy and triggers a notification when it becomes idle. Here’s a sample function that does this:

notify_when_idle <- function() { while(TRUE) { if (!any(grepl("R", ps -A$output()))) { beep() break } Sys.sleep(5) } }

This function continuously checks if the R process is running and triggers a notification sound once it becomes idle. We can call this function in R Studio to start monitoring the R process and receive a notification when it is no longer busy.

Personal Experience

As a data scientist who often runs time-consuming analyses and simulations in R, setting up this notification system has been a game-changer for me. Now, I can work on other tasks or take a short break without constantly checking if the process has completed. The notification sound serves as a delightful signal that I can return to R Studio and proceed with the next steps of my analysis.


Implementing a notification system in R Studio to alert you when it is no longer busy can significantly improve your workflow and productivity. By utilizing the beepr package and a simple function, you can avoid the frustration of waiting for long processes to finish without realizing they have completed. Try out this approach and enjoy a more efficient R Studio experience!