How To Make R Registered Mark

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As someone who has worked on branding and intellectual property, I understand the importance of using registered trademarks to protect my work. One of the most common symbols used is the registered trademark symbol, denoted by the letter “R” inside a circle (®). In this article, I’ll guide you through how to create the registered trademark symbol on various devices and platforms.

On Windows

On Windows, you can type the registered trademark symbol by holding down the “Alt” key and typing 0174 on the numeric keypad. After releasing the “Alt” key, the ® symbol will appear.

On Mac

For Mac users, you can input the registered trademark symbol by pressing “Option+R” on the keyboard. This will produce the ® symbol in your text.


In HTML, you can use the following code: ® or ® to display the registered trademark symbol on your web page.

On Mobile Devices

On mobile devices, the process varies depending on the operating system and keyboard app used. It’s often possible to find the registered trademark symbol by long-pressing the “R” key or by accessing special characters through the keyboard settings.

Using Copy and Paste

If you find it challenging to type the symbol directly, you can always use the copy and paste method. Simply copy the ® symbol from a reputable source and paste it into your document or text field.

My Personal Recommendation

Personally, I find the keyboard shortcut methods to be the most efficient when I’m working on my computer. While copy and paste can be useful, it’s always handy to have the keyboard shortcuts memorized, especially for frequent use.


Being able to use the registered trademark symbol correctly is essential for protecting your brand and intellectual property. Whether you’re on a Windows PC, Mac, mobile device, or working within HTML, the methods I’ve outlined here will help you confidently add the registered trademark symbol to your work. Remember, it’s the little details like these that can make a big difference in the protection and recognition of your brand.