How To Make R Randomly Choose Between Two Options

R Programming

When I need to make r randomly choose between two options, I rely on the versatility of the “ifelse” function in R. This handy function allows me to create a simple yet effective way to generate random outcomes. Let me walk you through the process and share some personal insights along the way.

Understanding the “ifelse” Function

The “ifelse” function in R is a powerful tool for conditional decision-making. It takes three arguments: a condition, a value to return if the condition is TRUE, and a value to return if the condition is FALSE. This makes it perfect for our task of randomly choosing between two options.

Implementing the Random Selection

First, I define the two options I want to randomly choose between. Let’s say I have the options “A” and “B”. I can use the “sample” function in combination with “ifelse” to achieve this. Here’s the code:

random_choice <- ifelse(sample(c(TRUE, FALSE), 1), "A", "B")

Let's break this down. The "sample" function selects either TRUE or FALSE with equal probability. If TRUE is selected, "A" is returned; if FALSE is selected, "B" is returned. This results in a random selection between the two options.

Adding Personal Touches

As I work with this code, I often find myself customizing the options and experimenting with different outcomes. For example, I might use "Heads" and "Tails" for a coin-flip simulation, or "Yes" and "No" for decision-making scenarios.

Exploring Further Possibilities

Besides choosing between two options, the "ifelse" function can be extended to handle more complex conditions and choices. By incorporating additional logical expressions, I can expand the random selection to encompass multiple options based on various conditions.


Mastering the art of making r randomly choose between two options opens up a world of possibilities for creating dynamic and interactive simulations. With the "ifelse" function as my trusty companion, I can bring a touch of randomness to my data analysis and decision-making processes.