How To Make Myself Look Better On Microsoft Teams

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Have you ever experienced feeling self-conscious or insecure while on a video call using Microsoft Teams? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. As someone who spends a lot of time on video meetings, I have discovered some useful tips to improve my appearance on Microsoft Teams. In this article, I will share my personal recommendations and offer practical tips to boost your confidence and showcase your best self on Teams.

1. Optimize Your Lighting

Good lighting can make a world of difference in how you appear on camera. Natural light is always the best option, so try to position yourself facing a window or a well-lit area. If natural light isn’t available, place a soft light source, such as a desk lamp, behind your webcam or to the side to avoid harsh shadows.

2. Find the Right Camera Angle

The camera angle plays a crucial role in how others perceive you on Microsoft Teams. Position your webcam at eye level or slightly above, as this angle is the most flattering. Avoid placing the camera below eye level, as it can create unflattering angles and make you appear less confident.

3. Dress Professionally, Yet Comfortably

While it may be tempting to dress casually while working from home, putting in the effort to dress professionally can have a positive impact on how you feel and how others perceive you. Choose clothing that is both comfortable and appropriate for your work environment. Looking put together will not only make you feel more confident but also show your professionalism to your colleagues.

4. Maintain Eye Contact

When you’re on a video call, make an effort to maintain eye contact by looking directly into the camera lens. While it’s natural to want to look at the faces on your screen, doing so can give the impression that you’re not fully engaged. By looking into the camera, you appear attentive and present.

5. Pay Attention to Your Background

Your background can say a lot about you, so it’s essential to choose a visually pleasing and uncluttered backdrop. Consider setting up a dedicated workspace or using virtual backgrounds that Microsoft Teams offers. Virtual backgrounds can not only make your environment look more professional but also add a personal touch.


By implementing these simple tips, you can improve your appearance on Microsoft Teams and boost your confidence during video calls. Remember, looking your best doesn’t just have an impact on others; it can also positively influence your own mindset and productivity. So, next time you join a Teams meeting, put these suggestions into practice, and present yourself with confidence and professionalism.