How To Make Legend Title Bold In R

R Programming

In R, creating visually appealing and informative plots is essential for effectively communicating your data. One aspect of plot customization involves modifying the legend title to make it bold. Let’s dive into the process of achieving this customization.

Accessing the Plot’s Legend Title

When creating a plot in R, the legend title is an essential component for providing context to the information displayed. To access the legend title, you need to first create a plot with a legend. Once the plot is created, you can access the legend title for customization.

Customizing the Legend Title

To make the legend title bold, you can use the theme() function from the ggplot2 package. First, you need to install the ggplot2 package if you haven’t already:


Next, load the ggplot2 package:


Now, let’s customize the legend title by making it bold:

ggplot() +
theme(legend.title = element_text(face = "bold"))

Personal Touch:

As someone who loves creating visually appealing plots, I find that customizing the legend title adds a professional touch to my visualizations. It helps draw attention to the key information and ensures that my audience can easily interpret the plot.


Customizing the legend title to be bold in R is a simple yet impactful way to enhance the visual appeal of your plots. By using the theme() function from the ggplot2 package, you can easily achieve this customization and elevate the overall presentation of your data.