How To Make Google Sheets Dark Mode

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Welcome to my guide on how to unleash the power of dark mode in Google Sheets! As a tech enthusiast and lover of dark mode, I’m excited to share this with you. With dark mode becoming increasingly popular, it’s great to see Google Sheets offering this feature. Let’s dive into the steps to activate dark mode and explore its benefits.

Enabling Dark Mode in Google Sheets

To enable dark mode in Google Sheets, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Google Sheets and click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select “Settings”.
  3. In the Settings menu, under the “Theme” section, choose “Dark” from the dropdown menu.

That’s it! You’ve now activated dark mode in Google Sheets. The interface should transform into a sleek, dark color scheme, providing a new visual experience while working on your spreadsheets.

Benefits of Dark Mode in Google Sheets

Dark mode isn’t just about aesthetics; it also offers practical benefits. Here are some reasons why I’m a fan of dark mode in Google Sheets:

  • Eyestrain Reduction: Working in a dark environment can reduce strain on the eyes, particularly during late-night or low-light usage.
  • Battery Saving: For devices with OLED screens, dark mode can help conserve battery life by reducing power consumption.
  • Focused Work Environment: The dark interface can promote focus and minimize distractions, allowing you to concentrate on your spreadsheet tasks.

Customizing Dark Mode

If you’re a fan of personalization, you’ll be happy to know that Google Sheets allows you to further customize the dark mode experience. Head to the “Settings” menu and choose “Theme” to explore different options for dark mode, including the ability to sync with the system theme or use it independently.

Compatibility and Additional Considerations

It’s important to note that the dark mode feature in Google Sheets is available on various platforms, including web, iOS, and Android. However, ensure that your app is updated to the latest version to access this feature. Additionally, while dark mode provides numerous benefits, it’s essential to consider individual preferences and any potential impact on color accessibility for users with visual impairments.


Dark mode in Google Sheets is a fantastic addition for those who appreciate a sleek and modern interface while reaping the practical benefits it offers. As someone who spends ample time working on spreadsheets, I find dark mode to be a refreshing change that enhances my productivity and overall experience. Give it a try and see how it transforms your spreadsheet workflow!