How To Make Bigger Optins With Mailerlite

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While utilizing MailerLite, a well-known email marketing platform, I was afforded the chance to discover its various features. Of particular interest was the capability to generate larger opt-ins, which can significantly enhance the success of your email marketing endeavors. Follow along in this piece as I guide you through the process of creating bigger opt-ins using MailerLite, all while incorporating my own personal observations and thoughts.

Why Bigger Opt-ins Matter

Before we dive into the technical details, let’s briefly discuss why bigger opt-ins are important. When a website visitor sees a small opt-in form, they may hesitate to provide their contact information. However, a visually appealing and larger opt-in form can grab their attention and encourage them to sign up. By making your opt-ins bigger, you can increase the chances of converting visitors into subscribers, ultimately leading to higher engagement and sales.

Step 1: Accessing the Form Builder

To begin creating bigger opt-ins, log in to your MailerLite account and navigate to the “Forms” section. Here, you’ll find a list of your existing forms and the option to create a new one. Click on the “Create new form” button to proceed.

Step 2: Choosing a Form Type

MailerLite offers various form types, such as pop-ups, embedded forms, and landing pages. Depending on your preference and website design, select the form type that suits your needs. For the purpose of making bigger opt-ins, you can choose either a pop-up or an embedded form.

Step 3: Designing a Larger Opt-in Form

Now comes the fun part – designing your opt-in form. MailerLite provides an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, allowing you to customize the appearance of your opt-in form. To make it bigger, simply adjust the dimensions of the form element by dragging the edges. You can also change the font size, colors, and add images or videos to make it more visually appealing.

Remember, it’s important to strike a balance between making the opt-in form bigger and ensuring it doesn’t obstruct the user experience. Avoid overwhelming visitors with a form that takes up too much screen space or covers important content.

Step 4: Adding Personalization and Commentary

One of the great features of MailerLite is the ability to personalize your opt-in forms and add custom fields. This allows you to collect additional information from your subscribers and tailor your email campaigns accordingly. Consider adding fields for first name, last name, or any other relevant information that can help you create more personalized and engaging content.

Furthermore, don’t shy away from adding your own personal touches and commentary to the opt-in form. Share why visitors should subscribe to your email list, highlight the value they can expect, and add a touch of personality to make it feel more authentic and relatable. This personal touch can go a long way in building trust and connecting with your audience.


Creating bigger opt-ins with MailerLite is a simple yet powerful strategy to enhance your email marketing efforts. By following these steps and incorporating personal touches into your forms, you can increase the likelihood of capturing visitors’ attention, obtaining their contact information, and ultimately nurturing stronger relationships with your subscribers. Remember, the key is to strike a balance between size, design, and user experience to create opt-ins that truly stand out.