How To Make A WordPress Website 2017 Divi Theme Tutorial

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As a web developer, I am constantly searching for tools and methods that can aid me in crafting impressive websites for my clients. The Divi theme has always been one of my top choices for constructing WordPress sites. In this tutorial, I will guide you through the steps of building a WordPress website with the Divi theme in 2017.

Setting Up WordPress

The first step in creating a WordPress website is to set up a WordPress installation. If you haven’t done this already, head over to the WordPress website and download the latest version of WordPress. Once downloaded, follow the installation instructions to set up WordPress on your web server. Don’t worry, the installation process is quite straightforward!

Installing the Divi Theme

Now that you have WordPress up and running, it’s time to install the Divi theme. To do this, log in to your WordPress admin dashboard and navigate to the “Appearance” tab on the left-hand side. Click on “Themes,” and then click on the “Add New” button at the top of the page. In the search bar, type “Divi” and press enter. You should see the Divi theme appear in the search results. Click on the “Install” button, and once the theme is installed, click on the “Activate” button to activate the Divi theme on your WordPress website.

Customizing the Divi Theme

With the Divi theme now activated, it’s time to customize it to fit your needs. One of the best features of the Divi theme is its intuitive drag-and-drop builder. This allows you to easily create custom layouts for your website without any coding knowledge. To access the Divi builder, simply click on the “Enable Visual Builder” button at the top of any page or post on your website.

Once in the Divi builder, you can start creating your website by adding sections, rows, and modules. Sections are the top-level containers that hold rows, and rows are the horizontal containers that hold modules. Modules are the individual elements such as text, images, buttons, and more. Simply drag and drop these elements onto your page, and then customize them to your liking.

Adding Personal Touches

Now that you have the basics of your website set up, it’s time to add some personal touches to make it stand out. One way to do this is by customizing the colors and fonts used on your website. Divi makes this incredibly easy with its built-in theme customizer. Simply navigate to the “Divi” tab in your WordPress admin dashboard and click on “Theme Options.” From here, you can change the colors, fonts, and other style settings to match your branding or personal preference.

Another way to add personal touches is by using custom CSS. If you have some coding knowledge, you can add custom CSS code to the “Custom CSS” box in the Divi theme customizer. This allows you to make more advanced customizations to your website’s design. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with CSS – there are plenty of resources available online to help you learn!


Creating a WordPress website using the Divi theme in 2017 has never been easier. With its powerful drag-and-drop builder and extensive customization options, you can create a stunning website that reflects your personal style or brand. I highly recommend giving the Divi theme a try for your next website project – it’s a game-changer!