How To Lower Volume In Google Meet Pc

Adjusting the volume on your PC during a Google Meet call can be a useful technique to have at your disposal, especially if you are in a loud setting or wish to have a more discreet conversation. This guide will walk you through the simple process of lowering the volume on Google Meet while using your PC.

Step 1: Join a Google Meet Call

The first step is to join a Google Meet call. You can do this by clicking on the meeting link provided by the meeting organizer or by entering the meeting code manually. Once you have successfully joined the call, you will be able to adjust the volume settings.

Step 2: Access the Volume Control

To access the volume control in Google Meet on a PC, you will need to click on the microphone button located at the bottom right corner of the meeting window. This will open a small sidebar with various audio settings, including the volume control.

Step 3: Adjust the Volume

Once you have accessed the volume control, you can easily adjust the volume by moving the slider up or down. Moving the slider to the left will decrease the volume, while moving it to the right will increase the volume. Find the desired volume level that suits your needs.

It’s important to note that lowering the volume in Google Meet on your PC will only affect the incoming audio from other participants. Your own microphone volume will remain unaffected.

Personally, I find this feature extremely useful when I’m in a noisy environment and need to focus on the conversation at hand. It allows me to lower the volume of incoming audio to a comfortable level, without completely muting it.

Another scenario where I find this feature handy is when I need to have a more private conversation. By lowering the volume, I can ensure that only I can hear the conversation, without disturbing those around me.


Lowering the volume in Google Meet on a PC is a simple and effective way to customize your audio experience during meetings. It gives you the flexibility to adapt to different environments and maintain a comfortable level of volume.

Next time you find yourself in a noisy place or needing some privacy, don’t hesitate to use the volume control in Google Meet on your PC. It’s a small but powerful feature that can make a big difference in your overall meeting experience.