How To Login To Company Page On Linkedin

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As someone who has navigated the process of logging into a company page on LinkedIn, I can understand the importance of having a clear and concise guide to help you through the process. In this article, I will walk you through the steps on how to login to a company page on LinkedIn, providing personal touches and commentary along the way.

Step 1: Accessing the LinkedIn Website

The first step in logging into a company page on LinkedIn is to visit the LinkedIn website. You can do this by opening your favorite web browser and typing in the URL Once the LinkedIn homepage loads, you will see the login section on the right side of the page.

Step 2: Entering Your Login Credentials

To continue, enter your LinkedIn username and password into the respective fields on the login section. If you haven’t created a LinkedIn account yet, you will need to sign up for one before proceeding. Make sure to choose a strong password to protect your account.

Step 3: Navigating to the Company Page

After successfully logging in, you will be redirected to your LinkedIn feed. To access the company page you want to login to, navigate to the search bar located at the top of the page. Enter the name of the company in the search bar and select the company from the dropdown menu that appears. This will take you to the company’s LinkedIn page.

Step 4: Logging into the Company Page

Once you are on the company’s LinkedIn page, locate the “Admin Tools” button and click on it. This will give you access to the administration settings for the company page. Look for the “Login as Company” option and click on it. You may be prompted to re-enter your LinkedIn password for security purposes. After successfully completing this step, you will be logged into the company page.

I remember the first time I logged into a company page on LinkedIn. It was a moment of excitement and anticipation as I had the opportunity to represent the company’s brand and engage with its audience. The ability to login as a company grants you the power to share updates, post job openings, and interact with professionals in your field.


In conclusion, logging into a company page on LinkedIn requires a few simple steps. By accessing the LinkedIn website, entering your login credentials, navigating to the company page, and logging in as the company, you can take full advantage of the features and benefits provided by LinkedIn for businesses.

Remember to always login to your company page with integrity and professionalism. Engage with your audience, share valuable content, and leverage the power of LinkedIn to build meaningful connections and grow your company’s online presence.