How To Log Hours In Wrike

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The process of logging hours on Wrike is simple, enabling me to effectively monitor the time I dedicate to different tasks and projects. As a freelancer, it is essential for me to precisely document my working hours, and Wrike offers a practical solution for achieving this.

Getting Started

To log hours in Wrike, I first need to navigate to the task or project I want to track time for. Once I’m on the desired task page, I can see a “Time” tab located at the top of the screen. Clicking on this tab takes me to the time tracking interface.

Entering Time

On the time tracking page, I find a table where I can record my hours worked for each day. Wrike allows me to specify the start and end times for each day, as well as enter a description of the work done. This is particularly helpful when I need to provide detailed reports or invoices to clients.

When entering time, it’s essential to be accurate and specific. I find it helpful to break down my work into individual tasks or sub-tasks within a project. This allows me to have a clear overview of how much time I’ve spent on each specific aspect of the project.

Using the Timer

If I need to track time in real-time while working on a task, Wrike offers a convenient timer feature. By clicking on the “Start Timer” button, Wrike begins tracking the time automatically. This is especially useful when I’m working on multiple tasks simultaneously and want to ensure accurate timekeeping.

Reviewing and Editing Time Entries

Wrike provides an intuitive interface for reviewing and editing my time entries. If I need to make any changes or add additional information, I can simply click on the desired entry and make the necessary edits. This flexibility allows me to adjust my time records promptly and maintain accurate records.

Generating Reports

One of the advantages of logging hours in Wrike is the ability to generate comprehensive reports. Wrike’s reporting feature allows me to view and analyze my time spent across different tasks, projects, and clients. These reports provide valuable insights into my productivity and help me make informed decisions about how I allocate my time.


Logging hours in Wrike has greatly simplified my time tracking process. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, I can effortlessly record my hours worked, generate accurate reports, and ensure that I’m effectively managing my time. Whether you’re a freelancer, project manager, or someone who needs to track their time, Wrike is a reliable and efficient solution.