How To Load Project Templates Into My Wrike Account

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As a loyal Wrike user, I have discovered project templates to be extremely beneficial in making my workflow more efficient and maintaining consistency across projects. In this article, I will demonstrate how you can import project templates into your Wrike account.

Step 1: Accessing the Templates Library

The first step is to log in to your Wrike account. Once logged in, navigate to the left-hand panel and click on the “Templates” tab. This will take you to the Templates Library, where you can find a wide variety of pre-designed project templates.

Step 2: Exploring the Template Categories

Within the Templates Library, you will find various categories such as Marketing, Sales, Operations, and more. Take some time to explore the different categories and see which templates align with your specific needs and industry.

Step 3: Selecting and Previewing a Template

Once you have found a template that suits your project requirements, click on it to preview the template. The preview will give you a glimpse into the layout, sections, and tasks included in the template.

Step 4: Customizing the Template

After you have previewed the template and have decided to use it, click on the “Use Template” button to bring it into your Wrike account. Wrike will prompt you to choose a location for the template. You can either place it in an existing folder or create a new one specifically for this project.

As a personal touch, I like to add a brief description or note about the project to the template. This helps me remember the purpose and context of the template, especially if I plan to reuse it in the future.

Step 5: Adapting the Template to Your Needs

Once the template is loaded into your account, you have the flexibility to customize it further. You can add or remove sections, rename tasks, assign responsibilities, and set due dates. This ensures that the template aligns perfectly with your project requirements and team dynamics.

Step 6: Sharing the Template

If you are working with a team, sharing the project template can be extremely beneficial. To share the template, navigate to the template’s folder and click on the “Share” button. You can choose to share with specific team members or make it accessible to your entire organization. Sharing the template allows everyone to benefit from its structure and predefined tasks.


Loading project templates into your Wrike account can save valuable time and effort in setting up projects from scratch. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily access, customize, and share templates that suit your specific project requirements. Utilizing project templates not only streamlines your workflow but also ensures consistency across projects, leading to improved productivity and project success.