How To List Microsoft Team And Skype On Resume

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When adding Microsoft Teams and Skype to your resume, it’s crucial to emphasize your expertise in these platforms and demonstrate how they have enhanced your career development. As an individual who has extensively utilized both Microsoft Teams and Skype, I am able to offer valuable insights and advice on effectively featuring them on your resume.

Why Include Microsoft Teams and Skype on Your Resume?

In today’s digital age, communication and collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Skype have become essential in the workplace. By showcasing your expertise in these tools, you demonstrate your ability to adapt to modern work environments and effectively collaborate with team members, regardless of geographical boundaries.

Furthermore, including Microsoft Teams and Skype on your resume can indicate your proficiency in virtual meetings, remote work, and effective communication, which are highly sought-after skills in today’s job market.

How to List Microsoft Teams and Skype on Your Resume

When highlighting Microsoft Teams and Skype on your resume, it’s important to provide specific details that showcase your proficiency and experience with these tools. Here are some tips on how to effectively list them:

  1. Include them in your skills section: Create a dedicated skills section on your resume and list Microsoft Teams and Skype along with other relevant software or communication tools you are proficient in.
  2. Specify your level of proficiency: To provide a clearer picture of your skills, indicate your level of proficiency in Microsoft Teams and Skype. You can use terms such as “Advanced,” “Intermediate,” or “Beginner” to categorize your proficiency level.
  3. Highlight specific accomplishments: Personalize your resume by including specific examples or achievements that demonstrate how you have utilized Microsoft Teams and Skype in your professional endeavors. For example, you can mention how you successfully coordinated virtual meetings using Microsoft Teams or how you effectively communicated with international clients through Skype.
  4. Showcase collaboration skills: Emphasize how Microsoft Teams and Skype have facilitated collaboration and teamwork. Discuss how you have used these tools to collaborate with team members, share files, conduct virtual presentations, or participate in group discussions.


Listing Microsoft Teams and Skype on your resume can greatly enhance your professional profile, showcasing your ability to adapt to remote work and effectively communicate with others. By following the tips mentioned above and providing specific examples of how you have utilized these tools, you can highlight your proficiency and demonstrate the value you can bring to a potential employer.