How To Link To Mailerlite Unsubscribe

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Greetings! Today I would like to discuss the process of linking to the MailerLite unsubscribe page. As a frequent user of MailerLite for email marketing, I understand the significance of offering a simple method for your subscribers to opt-out of your email list.

First and foremost, let’s understand why it’s crucial to have an unsubscribe link in your email campaigns. By including an unsubscribe link, you are demonstrating respect for your subscribers’ preferences and privacy. It also helps you maintain a good sender reputation and ensures that you are complying with anti-spam laws.

Now, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details of how to link to the MailerLite unsubscribe page. It’s a relatively simple process, and I’ll guide you through it step by step.

Step 1: Accessing the Form Builder

To get started, log in to your MailerLite account and navigate to the “Forms” section. From there, click on “Create New Form” or select an existing form that you want to edit.

Step 2: Adding an Unsubscribe Link

Once you are in the Form Builder, you can customize your form as per your requirements. To add an unsubscribe link, click on the “Text” element from the left-hand menu and drag it onto your form.

Next, double-click on the text element and type something like “Unsubscribe” or “Click here to unsubscribe.”

Now, highlight the text and click on the “Link” icon in the formatting toolbar. A dialog box will appear asking for the URL you want to link to.

Here’s where it gets interesting! Instead of just linking to a generic page, you can personalize the unsubscribe experience by linking to the MailerLite unsubscribe page with the recipient’s email address pre-populated. This way, when they click the link, they are directed to the page where they can quickly and easily unsubscribe from your list.

To do this, use the following format for the URL:{}

Make sure to replace “{}” with the appropriate merge tag or variable that holds the recipient’s email address. This ensures that each recipient sees their own email address in the URL.


Remember, this example assumes you are using double curly braces “{{ }}” as the merge tag syntax in your email campaign.

Step 3: Testing and Sending

Once you have added the unsubscribe link and customized your form, it’s essential to test it thoroughly before sending out any emails. Send a test email to yourself or a colleague and click on the unsubscribe link to confirm that it redirects to the MailerLite unsubscribe page with the correct email address.

When you are confident that everything is working as intended, you can start including the form with the unsubscribe link in your email campaigns. This ensures that your subscribers have a hassle-free way to opt-out from your mailing list if they choose to do so.


Providing an easy and personalized unsubscribe experience is crucial for building trust with your subscribers and adhering to email marketing best practices. By following the steps outlined above, you can link to the MailerLite unsubscribe page and ensure that your subscribers have a seamless way to unsubscribe from your email list.

Remember, always respect your subscribers’ preferences and make sure to comply with anti-spam laws. Happy emailing!