How To Know If Instagram Ad Is Approved

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As an individual who has utilized Instagram for both personal and professional reasons, I recognize the significance of crafting successful promotions that reach my desired audience. From my experience and expertise, I have found it essential to have an understanding of the approval status of my Instagram ads. In this article, I will provide valuable tips on how to determine if your Instagram ad has been approved.

The Approval Process

Before we dive into the indicators of an approved ad, let’s first understand the Instagram ad approval process. When you create an ad on Instagram, it goes through a review process by Instagram’s ad review team. This team ensures that your ad meets Instagram’s advertising policies and guidelines. The review process usually takes around 24 to 48 hours, although it can sometimes take longer.

1. Ads Manager

The first place to check for the approval status of your Instagram ad is the Ads Manager. This is where you create and manage your ads. After submitting your ad for review, you can visit the Ads Manager to see if it has been approved or not. If your ad is approved, you will see a green “Approved” label next to it. If it is still under review, you will see a yellow “Pending” label, indicating that the review process is still ongoing.

2. Push Notifications

Another way to know if your Instagram ad has been approved is through push notifications. Instagram will send you a push notification once your ad is approved. This notification will confirm that your ad has been reviewed and is ready to go live. Keep an eye on your notifications to get instant updates on the status of your ads.

3. Ad Performance

While the above methods provide direct indications of an ad’s approval status, you can also determine if your ad is approved by its performance. If your ad starts receiving impressions, likes, comments, and engagement, it is a strong indication that it has been approved and is being displayed to your target audience. However, keep in mind that ad performance alone should not be relied upon as the only factor for determining approval, as sometimes ads may receive engagement even if they are not fully approved.

In Conclusion

Knowing if your Instagram ad has been approved is crucial for ensuring that your advertising efforts are reaching your target audience. By checking the Ads Manager, keeping an eye on push notifications, and monitoring the performance of your ads, you can stay informed about the approval status of your advertisements. Remember to adhere to Instagram’s advertising policies and guidelines to increase your chances of getting your ads approved promptly.